Well-structured gable horse barns with open breezeway – Timeless beauty and functionality

October 26th, 2023
Well-structured gable horse barns with open breezeway – Timeless beauty and functionality

Gable horse barns sport an open breezeway that is well-structured and affordable using a single-pitched roofline. After all, these barns are well-known for their timeless beauty, functionality, and attractiveness. A gable barn has many customization options, and you can add dormers for letting in natural light or additional head space for the living quarters. One can also add shed roofs for storage space, a parking area, or an enclosed paddock. 

After all, gable horse barns are a boon in extreme climates. Hence, we propose these for regions with long winter climates. While the gable-style dwelling does not have the wind stream flow facility that makes the Raised Center Passageway so appealing in warm environments. The Ulrich gable horse barn shelter has a 4″ open overhang on the two sidewalls. This facilitates airflow and prevents ammonia from building up. An encased outbuilding shields us from the cold breeze. However, similarly significant is the right ventilation to safeguard from condensation building up. This keeps the growth of mold and microscopic organisms under control.


Are you considering the roof style of the horse barn?

While there are various roof styles, the gable style is very common. The cost of a gable-style roof is reasonable compared to other styles. We suggest this incredibly low-priced roof to all budget-conscious owners. A gable roof showcases two panels slanting downwards from the ridge. The sloping roof is a boon, allowing rainwater and snow to drain off easily. 

Sheds with 5-year warranty

Do you know that a gable horse barn is versatile, offering a safe and secure space for your requirements? Ulrich customizes incredible horse barns and sheds, and we have ample ideas for you. While there are many horse barn manufacturers in the US, Ulrich is a reputed name you can rely on. We are one of the premier steel horse barn manufacturers. A 5-year warranty backs all our horse barns, and the steel wall panels come with a lifetime kick-through guarantee. We deliver our products within 1-2 business days to all 48 states. It’s incredible how we deliver horse barns at manufacturer-direct pricing. 

Wrapping up

The protection of domesticated animals is of the most extreme significance. The ponies begin living inside a protected outbuilding and stay protected from all external regular and man-made components. Once we deliver the gable horse barn, maintenance is important. 

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