Choosing run-in-shed stalls for keeping your horses healthy and fit – An escape into freedom

October 17th, 2023
Choosing run-in-shed stalls for keeping your horses healthy and fit – An escape into freedom

Incredibly, run-in sheds offer a safe place for the horse and livestock. It is a space where the horses take shelter and relax. Are you deciding between a barn or a run-in shed, or are you wondering if you should add a run-in shed stall to your existing barn? After all, every horse needs a place to run and stretch its legs and a shelter when the weather seems ugly. This is where a horse shed with a stall comes in.

A run-in shed, called the loafing shed, is a three-sided structure with a roof. It is incredible how investing in a run-in shed helps to save money. This is because there is no worrying about cleaning the stalls too much or feeding the horses. After all, they will have all the freedom of grazing in the meadows.

Run-in shed stalls are a critical addition to the equestrian setups. They are instrumental in keeping the horses warm in the cooler months and cold in the warmer months. There are a wide range of horse barn models in the market, and run-in-sheds are known for their atmospheric layout. This way, the stalls offer adequate airflow, enough exposure to daylight, and a healthy space. 


Towards which direction should your run-in shed face?

Horse run-in shed stalls are three-sided structures, so setting the structure facing towards the right direction is important. The thumb rule is that the shed should face towards the south direction. Most prevailing winds blow from the north or the northwest direction. The sun’s warmth keeps the animals comfortable. 

Your horses will be healthy and fit

With a horse run-in shed, the horse can enjoy time outdoors and take shelter under the roof whenever it wants. This would not require opening and closing the barn doors. After all, your horses would experience ample health benefits if they were out in the sunshine. In addition, they could roam about freely, which is also an advantage. 

An affordable choice for horse owners

Run-in shed stalls are affordable compared to other barns and are easier to install. You can house the horses and arrange space for storing equine equipment. For instance, people park tractors inside to protect them from rain and snow. 

More outdoor time for your horses

A horse run-in shed can be great for horses that need more exercise as you can give them the healthiest environment. Moreover, run-in sheds are an alternative to the traditional horse stable concept. These barns are durable and require less maintenance, while they are less vulnerable to fire hazards. In addition to the solid kick-proof walls, these sheds are extremely spacious. This comforts the horses in standing, moving, and turning around without crowding the space. Ulrich ensures that all the run-in-shed stalls are manufactured to avoid injury. 

The Ulrich warranty – barns that are designed to last

Ulrich is one of the trusted manufacturers of horse barns and horse stall kits. We have completed 50 years in this industry. Our horse barns are incredibly built with heavy-duty framing to endure wear and tear. The structures are finished with galvanized metal siding and a metal roof. Our structures are all available with a 5-year warranty.

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