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In 1972 Dickson Hall founded Ring-O-Steel to serve the Southern California horse barn market. After proving the concept he incorporated in 1974 and opened a warehouse in Sacramento, CA and Albuquerque, NM.  After enjoying 35 years of successful growth of serving many happy customers he sold to Willard Martin.   In 2018 Willard Martin joined forces with Ulrich Lifestyle Structures and we rebranded the division to Ulrich Horse Barns.    In summer of 2022 we moved our factory to Texas to allow us to more efficiently serve the family horse ranch markets nationwide!
We are the only fully panelized steel horse barn that DOES NOT require welding onsite that is also truly future proof for changing use requirements for horse owners! Our 4′ wide sectional barn components are bolt together allowing the owner or ranch hand to reconfigure in the future without massive equipment or remodeling!
All of our products are made using wood core wall panels with 26 gauge metal on either side. All of our wall panels have a LIFETIME kick through warranty. Our structural frame system is G90 (heaviest coating) galvanized steel and 12- 14 gauge in thickness!!
We are all USA major components & manufacturing!  Family Owned and USA Proud!


We are now celebrating 50+ years of serving the equestrian community and are excited as expand our manufacturing to better serve our customers nationwide. To see the other Ulrich Lifestyle products go to

Ulrich Horse Barns Shed Row Horse Barn Installation Time Lapse Video

A Note From The Owner

My first memory of working with horses was riding horse back in the jungle trails and while working cattle with my Dad on his ranch in Paraguay, South America. We lived 1.5 hours from the nearest paved road and had no electricity unless we ran a generator. We had no 4 wheelers only our horses (our favorite was named Pronto, Spanish for quick, because of his quick abilities, speed, and cattle working smarts) along with a little Nissan truck, and a Ford 5000 tractor and Cat D5 bulldozer my father shipped along down from the U.S.A. when he and his brother had moved.

My parents along with my Uncle had moved to a mission and they had taken up
ranching to keep their boys out of trouble. I have many memories from those years, and of later when visiting, of my brothers and I along with our cousins and other friends riding horseback. After only 4 years in Paraguay my parents decided to move back to Pennsylvania, U.S.A. much to, at the time, us boys protests! Back in Pa. my Dad again started his construction and land development business but also bought a farm where we fattened steers and later raised dairy heifers. At the time he also bought a Pinto horse and Welsh Pony for us boys.

I have worked with many horses over the years, along with cattle, and dairy heifers. As much as I enjoy working with them I know the ability of these critters to sometimes get into the dumbest things and situations! As one who understands some of the many challenges that horses at times can present, my goal as the Market President is to design and incorporate into our building those features and safety precautions that are needed for a solid safe Equestrian Facility. Ulrich Horse Barns Barns is owned and manufactured by Ulrich Barn Builders Of California Inc.

Willard Martin
Ulrich Horse Barns LLC.

Expansion Into New Areas

We currently offer our building packages throughout the United States, no need for dealer markups because we sell Factory Direct to you the consumer and can ship the building kit directly to you. or if you want to save shipping you are welcomed to pick up at our Cleburne Tx. plant. Our building kits are easy to install (see video) and come with complete how to instructions. For most structures the complete building system can be assembled with a level, ladder, drill, and screw gun and outside of California we have a no weld anchoring system for anchoring to your concrete foundation.

Call us today at 877-854-BARN (2276) to speak to one of our factory product
consultants, or  Email us at

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