How Are Metal Horse Barns a Weatherproof Solution for Equestrian Spaces?

October 31st, 2023
How Are Metal Horse Barns a Weatherproof Solution for Equestrian Spaces?

The key to choosing the right horse barns kits is finding the perfect balance between the practicality and aesthetics of the space. The right model will ensure the seamless functioning of the barns without any hurdles. However, with the introduction of metal barns, barn owners have achieved a way towards a weatherproof and sustainable barn style. The metal barns are designed to withstand weather variations and offer your horses a protective shelter. 

It is incredible how metal barns offer value for money with incredible features. They are significantly durable, extremely flexible with the designs, and customizable per requirements. While wooden barns have been a popular choice for a long period of time, metal barns have taken over the popularity with their emergence. Additionally, the customization options that most metal barn manufacturers offer are an added benefit to investment-worthy metal horse barns. This post will look into the advantages of choosing metal barns and how they offer a weather-proof solution.

Forget time-consuming and expensive maintenance:

While wooden barns demand regular maintenance and frequent replacement or repairs, metal barns are low-maintenance structures. Wood is vulnerable to moisture and needs extensive maintenance after the rainy season. Additionally, wooden barns also have the risk of mold formation from consistent dampness, which creates an unhealthy and unhygienic space for your horses. Wooden barns are at risk of rot, mold, wrap, or cracking, increasing the upkeep expenses from time to time. 

A metal horse barn is low-maintenance and remains unaffected by various weather challenges. The use of galvanized steel saves the structures from moisture damage. As a barn owner with metal barns, you need not worry about painting or staining the structure, thus saving time, money, and effort in the long run. 

Cleaning is a breeze and time-effective process:

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a prerequisite in equestrian spaces to ensure a healthy environment for the horses. Metal horse barns have a fast and easy cleaning process. They can save you significant time and effort in the cleaning process. Wooden barns need a significant dry time before you begin the day-to-day operations. However, metal barns have no such requirements as they dry up quickly and are ready for use. They are much more convenient in busy commercial equine spaces that need regular cleaning but cannot afford the additional hours for drying the surface. 

Safety and security are no longer a concern:

Being a barn owner, it comes as a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your horses. The metal barns are modern barn styles that can be designed with upgraded security technologies like cameras and security alarms for added safety of the horses. 

The sturdy nature of the metal panels and the use of 26 GA heavy-duty materials make the metal barns incredibly safe during weather extremes. By installing metal barns, you can ensure your horses’ paramount safety and protect them in severe weather conditions.

Ulrich Barns are made from heavy-duty materials for weather protection

Ulrich horse barns kits are made from galvanized steel for the exterior walls and 26 GA heavy-duty roofs that can withstand the weather challenges efficiently. Moreover, the roofs are designed with 24” overhangs for all horse barn models to ensure added protection during rain or snow. Ulrich allows further customization for the barns, where you can choose the more weather-specific ones:

  • The gable barns are a specific model with triangular-shaped roofs that can drain rainwater and snow efficiently.
  • The raised center aisle barns are double-roof designs that promote air circulation and better exposure to daylight. It is incredible how these barns offer both a natural environment and ensure protection for challenging weather conditions. 
  • The metal run-in sheds are the perfect structure to install on pasture land for times of emergency. These barn structures offer shelter while outdoors during a sudden downpour or cyclone. The metal run-in sheds are sturdy and durable enough to handle the weather extremes without collapsing.

These are some of the few models that are designed with weather concerns in mind. However, apart from the design element, all horse barn models from Ulrich are built to handle the challenges. Their built structure and use of quality materials ensure that these structures are better than wooden barns.

Why buy from Ulrich?

Ulrich has over 50 years of experience in the equestrian sector and has evolved with the use of technology and designs to bring the most functional and aesthetic metal horse barns for barn owners. Ulrich barns are superior in quality and easy to install with the bolt-together process. It is incredible how Ulrich also offers financing options for easy installments to lessen the burden of the expenses. Visit the website to request a quote.


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