Want to save your time on barn chores? Here are a few tips for a flawless stable design

February 2nd, 2024
Want to save your time on barn chores? Here are a few tips for a flawless stable design

It can be exhausting to care for the horses while you are balancing work and other commitments. Introducing some design changes to the horse barn can help save time. You might plan to build a fresh barn or renovate the existing one. The number of horses you pet plays a big role because that’s where the size comes into play. The more the horses, the bigger barn you need to have. There should be adequate space for the horses to move about. It is good if you install a greater number of stalls than the exact requirement. You can discuss with us 6-stall horse barn plans for a bigger horse barn space. A horse barn is not only for housing the horses but also for storing all horse equipment.               

Focusing on stall run-outs

It takes a good amount of time and effort to move the horses from the stalls to the turnouts. You can save time if you choose to design the barn and the paddock strategically. Build your barn in a way so that every horse has a door at the back of the stall. Horse owners prefer designing runs that are large and can be the everyday turnout area for the equines. We do this by connecting the stall runs to the paddocks. This way the horses can freely roam outside all day and the stalls remain comparatively cleaner. It is important to locate the paddock gates so that it’s easy to run the horses in and out easily.

Is the horse barn well-ventilated?

Horses are very fond of cold temperatures, so they can play happily outside. The barn space should be well-ventilated that will help maintain the respiratory health of the horses. Good ventilation keeps the barn space free from mold and mildew formation. Bacteria and dust can wreak havoc on the respiratory system of your horses. Keep the barn dust-free on a regular basis, and you must let in fresh air and light by keeping the windows open.

The Ulrich designing horse barns for over 50 years

The Ulrich team is dedicated to manufacturing customized equestrian facilities of all sizes. We have been working on several projects and catering to customers for more than 50 years. We help clients to give life to their dream barn idea. We do it all, be it designing barn kits for a new horse residence or redesigning. Ulrich is one of the leading horse barn builders in Texas. We offer barn kits keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the horses. Ulrich horse barns are designed to withstand the elements of nature and offer protection to the horses. 

Final words

Feel free to discuss questions relating to your new horse barn project? Looking for a bigger horse barn? Search for 6 stall horse barn plans. Please get in touch with the Ulrich team and we will answer all your queries.  Reach us from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm.

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