Stubborn or Aggressive Horse! Know How to Deal with Them

January 30th, 2024
Stubborn or Aggressive Horse! Know How to Deal with Them

An accomplished horse owner or a barn owner must have had the experience of dealing with horses with different moods, but as a first-time horse owner, you have some lessons to learn. An aggressive horse is not an uncommon encounter. However, it demands your time and effort to build a bond with the horse and train it for sophisticated conduct. Since training plays the most important role in shaping a horse, a horse round pen is the most essential training tool. However, before we dig into the details of how to deal with a stubborn or aggressive horse, let’s find out the causes behind a horse’s combative behavior.

Why is your horse behaving aggressively?

Anyone who has observed horses closely will know that horses are not fond of fighting. Rather, their first instinct in a dangerous situation is to run away. However, it is only when they feel trapped that they turn aggressive and uncontrollable. So, basically, aggressiveness is their reaction when they fear being harmed or killed. Many times, the playfulness of horses is also misunderstood as aggressiveness. Horses play or fight with other horses roughly, which by assumption looks like fierce combat. 

One of the most common reasons behind your horse behaving in a certain violent way or stubbornly is when they do not know their boundaries. Some horses take on kicking, biting, or striking just to get their way through things. Another common reason for their unfriendly nature is when they are exposed to a new environment. They particularly behave stubbornly, repulse human interaction in new surroundings, and need time and help to get over the same.

Ways to deal with the troublesome behavior of your horse

Bonding with the horse: Any strained relationship can be healed with special attention, love, and care. The same goes for your horses, as you must invest time and effort in creating a bond of trust. However, when we speak of bonding, the ground exercises and training time are the key bonding episodes. As mentioned, a horse round pen is an effective training tool with its enclosed design. The circular framework allows the trainer to lead and control the horse. This unique equine structure helps develop a bond with the horse and correct its behavioral issues. 

Prioritize horse relaxation: Horses with fear-based aggression can benefit from over-the-counter calming supplements. Further, you can consult vets and introduce some relaxing exercises or massages to help them bond with you and the other horses in the barn.

Set boundaries for your horses: You can set limits and boundaries for your horses by designing a reward and punishment system that will help them recognize and respect your space. The best time to train them on these effective techniques is during ground activities when you can observe and evaluate them.

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