Run-in shed stalls: Facts and Queries Explained!

February 5th, 2024
Run-in shed stalls: Facts and Queries Explained!

Are you a horse owner contemplating investing in run-in shed stalls for equine space? This blog will answer all your queries and provide some concrete facts about these popular equine structures. Run-in stalls are overtly popular for their convenient design and have offered an economical solution to horse owners. Let’s find out more about these equine structures.

What are run-in stalls, and how are they different from a barn?

The Run-in stalls are typically three-sided structures, also known as loafing sheds. These shed stalls are particularly popular in pasture lands, offering an emergency respite from the elements. These structures have a front-open design that allows the animals to move in and out freely. 

They are different from barns in terms of design and functionality. The front open design of the run-in stalls allows free movement for the animals, while a barn remains enclosed with gates. Besides, the run-in stalls have an open design, which can be customized with dividers in between to designate spaces for individual horses. On the other hand, a barn is designed with horse stall kits arranged on either side of a center aisle. 

Which animals can be accommodated on a run-in stall?

The run-in stalls are versatile and can accommodate almost any livestock in a pasture. Besides horses, you can house pet goats, free-range pigs, grass-fed cattle, etc., in a run-in stall. In short, these structures are extremely useful and enhance the functionality of pasture lands. 

What are the positive effects of adding a run-in stall in the equine spaces?

A run-in stall offers an abundance of fresh air and daylight exposure, in addition to allowing free movement. This openness and airy design provide a natural environment for the livestock without confining them to compact structures. Further, unrestricted mobility allows greater physical movement to keep the horses active and healthy. Thus, adding a run-in stall to your pasture farm can be highly beneficial. 

Where should you ideally install the run-in stalls?

The ideal place to install the run-in shed stalls is in the pasture lands, with the opening facing away from the prevailing winds. It is recommended to face the structure’s opening to the south or the southeast. This way, you can keep your livestock safe from storms and offer them better exposure to sunlight. 

Why should you invest in a run-in stall?

If you are still deciding whether to invest in a run-in stall, you will get enough reasons to make that call. 

  • Convenience: Apart from providing the dwellers with the convenience of movement, these structures are easy to clean and are low maintenance. 
  • Value for money: The run-in stalls are economical structures and can offer a comfortable experience for your horses with a small investment. 
  • Quality of life: If you want to give your horses daytime accommodation in between nature and improve their quality of life, you must invest in a run-in stall. These structures don’t confine your horses all day long. Rather, it gives them a choice to move outdoors or rest indoors at their convenience. 

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