Ulrich’s customized barns for horses – Ensuring safety and comfort for your horses

November 7th, 2023
Ulrich’s customized barns for horses – Ensuring safety and comfort for your horses

Horse barns are a conventional mainstay that will remain in style. A horse barn offers various advantages for the horses and the owners. It offers shelter from harsh weather, separates horses, and offers a haven for them. A barn is also a great place to store horse items and bulk supplies. Barns for horses offer incredible shelter during harsh weather conditions. Your wanderer horse might think it’s fine to be out in a blizzard, but the barn is certainly the safest space. For multiple horses, you can have barns for horses with stalls where the number of stalls should be more than the number of animals. 

Make additions to your horse barn

A horse barn lets you have everything you need for your horses under a single roof. Horse barns are not just mere buildings but comfortable abodes with stalls. The barn becomes a busy place during the early mornings and late afternoons after the exercise sessions. Barns for horses serve as tack rooms, feed rooms, wash bays, hay storage spaces, and horse infirmaries. You can deeply clean the stalls and the horses during the winter by adding a wash bay inside the barns. We design it perfectly, ensuring a good underground drainage system. 

Quarantine the sick horses

A horse barn with stalls creates spaces for sick horses when it is necessary to separate them from other horses. This protects injured horses from further injury and prevents the spread of sickness. If you are rearing ponies, you need a protected space for female horses to move into labor and birth their foals. An additional wide horse barn stall offers sufficient room for a female horse and her new foal and shields them from cruel climates and different ponies.

Ulrich – one of the premium steel horse barn manufacturers

Are you planning to have your old horse barn renovated or experience a fresh new barn? We customize horse barn kits to offer modern and functional horse barns. Our kits and barns for horses offer value for money and can fit almost any budget. Ulrich is your one-stop shop for choosing affordable horse barn kits. Our horse kits have roomy design and ample flexibility, and some even offer storage perks. Ulrich has completed 50 years in the field of manufacturing horse barns. Ulrich is one of the most trusted horse barn manufacturers in Texas. We deliver our products to all 48 states with an on-time delivery guarantee. 

Customized horse barns with 5-year warranty

All our horse barn kits come with a 5-year warranty, and the metal panels have a lifetime kick-through guarantee. Our horse barns are easy to configure, having a bolt-together design. Our barn kits are customizable and follow a hassle-free installation process. Our barns for horses are available at manufacturer-direct pricing. A customized horse barn will retain its value with minimal upkeep.

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