Care for your horses during the winters – Setting up the right kind of barn

November 2nd, 2023
Care for your horses during the winters – Setting up the right kind of barn

It is Autumn, and this marks the onset of winter. The temperature has already dipped to some extent, and your horses need to survive the winter. After all, it all depends on your barn setup and facilities. You need to take extra precautions just like you had taken during the summer months. During this time, you also need to evaluate the body condition and overall health of the horses. This way, you can ensure total protection during the harsh cold breeze and snowfall. When you become a horse owner, it is your love and responsibility that will keep them healthy. They should eat a diet full of nutrition, exercise daily, and have time to play and socialize. While there are horse barn builders who offer needful suggestions, you can share your thoughts as well. 

Dietary adjustments for the winters

The green grass starts disappearing, becoming dry towards the end of the summer. You need to understand that the horses now need to make hay a habit. So, purchase hay in bulk for the horses and store it inside the barn. It is always good to have a spacious barn with many stalls. The number of stalls should always be more than the number of horses. Explore 6-stall horse barn plans so that you have enough space for the horses to reside alongside storage. Remember, most of the suppliers run out of stock in case you wait long. The grass in the field during the winter is loaded with a high concentration of sugar. The overweight horses find it difficult to consume as they need to maintain a steady blood sugar level. A forage balancer will help the horses to meet their dietary requirements. Make fresh and clean water available so that they do not get dehydrated. 

Adequate ventilation, even during the cooler season

Horses enjoy cooler temperatures, so you can let them out, but make sure they are inside before the cold evenings. The riders can go for early trail rides and return early as well. Last but not least, get your horse barn in order, which includes taking down the fans, stocking up sawdust, and clearing cobwebs. There should be adequate ventilation inside the barns to keep their respiratory health good and to keep away mold and mildew. 

The Ulrich saga for over 50 years – Incredibly designing horse barns

The Ulrich team works incredibly on a variety of customized equestrian facilities of all sizes. We have been working on several projects for over 50 years. We help clients to give life to their dream barn idea. We do it all, be it designing barn kits for a new horse residence or redesigning. Ulrich is one of the promising horse barn builders in Texas. It is not just the barn kit we offer, but we also keep in mind the comfort and safety of the horses. Our Ulrich horse barns are designed carefully to protect the animals and withstand the elements of nature. 

Final words

 Do you have questions and discussions relating to your upcoming horse barn project? Our Ulrich team would love to help answer queries and make certain recommendations. Please kindly get in touch with us from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm.


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