A horse facility is not complete without a horse round pen

November 10th, 2023
A horse facility is not complete without a horse round pen

Are you touring a new horse barn? You might encounter a horse that is housed inside an enclosed space and there is a person standing in the middle. A round pen is a perfect training tool that is circular in shape and eliminates corners to create an intimate space for horse training.

Round pens are indeed helpful for training and they can be found in most barns. Round pens are incredibly one of the most widely used tools for training horses. After all, they are among the must-have equine products. Horse round pens are becoming extremely popular among horse owners, but using them safely is no less important.

The significance of round pens

They are versatile and used for a wide array of tasks, starting from lunging and training pens to the temporary turn-outs. There are many factors to consider while choosing a round pen. Ulrich has a huge inventory of horse round pens and various types of horse barns. After all, understanding the significance of a round pen and how to quantify it can be useful to your improvement as a pony owner. In case you are using a round pen for training green horses, you must have fence panels that are 6 feet high. This can discourage the horses from jumping out of it. We would recommend a 5-foot high fence for riding and training. Treat baby horses with care. Do not load their baby brains.

A horse round pen can encourage relaxation

Many riders are passionate about lunging their horses before riding. A round pen is helpful in making free space for the horses and aids in working their muscles out. Round pens are great for bonding with your horses. The animals can run about, have fun, and settle down securely. It can be a great space for taming wild horses and eventually hanging out with them.                                                        

Heavy duty round horse pens

Ulrich is celebrating 50 years of excellence and commitment to manufacturing horse barns. Ulrich is growing its manufacturing unit exponentially to offer customized horse barns to clients. We manufacture round pens based on your budget, preferences, and other requirements. Ulrich offers two types of round pens: the heavy-duty 6′ High 4’ Solid Panel Round Pens and the 8′ High Solid Panel Round Pens. The incredibly durable round pen panels for sale come with a lifetime kick-through warranty.

Horse barns that come with 5-year limited warranty

We design modern and flexible horse barns for future use. Let your horses enjoy the dream barn. Our products have a 5-year limited warranty. Our round pens can be installed easily, there is no welding needed. Instead of DIY, you can hire experienced contractors to install the kits. Ulrich is one of the most trusted horse barn manufacturers in Texas.

Horse barns that are shipped at factory-direct prices

Shop for affordable and functional horse barns whenever you need because there is no upfront payment.  This way you have the freedom to opt for our financing, where you can make easy repayments at low interest rates. Our horse barn kits are shipped factory-direct to the United States.

Final words

Get horse barns at amazing value and prices that fit your budget. The products are shipped to all 48 states and you can avail our customer service support team all 7 days. Get in touch with us from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm (Monday to Friday).

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