The versatile and functional shed row horse barn – Affordable and customizable

August 10th, 2023
The versatile and functional shed row horse barn – Affordable and customizable

Are you looking for a horse barn that is not very expensive? Shed row horse barns are budget-friendly and offer many advantages compared to other designs. Most of the time, the configurations are in a square with a yard space in the middle. This layout is suitable for mounting, tacking up, and grooming horses. The horse racing industry has used shed row barns placed one after the other as a profitable barn design. This has helped to minimize the expense and maximize the revenue. The racing industry concentrates on keeping horses healthy, so they have realized the importance of fresh air flow and circulation. Out of the various barn styles available, the shed row barns offer a spacious abode for your horses and sufficient storage space. 


The two types of shed-row barns

A shed row horse barn has a series of accommodation stalls open to a nice breezeway. The stalls are houses outside the barn, so there is good airflow, and the horses get an outdoor view. This type of barn needs less space and is affordable. No other horse house can beat shed row barns’ rustic appeal and versatility. Ulrich builds the In-line shed row barn and the L-shaped shed row barn. The former features a 3-stall horse barn with an enclosed storage area. The L-shaped barn features in-line stalls and a tack room at the end. 

Did you choose the right place for your horse barn?

Deciding where you wish to place the horse barn on your property is essential. If you need a large-sized barn, you can choose a 3-stall horse barn where you can house up to 3 horses and store the feed and other necessary items. You can choose the number of stalls depending on the number of horses you own. The barn should be in an area where there is proper drainage. This will prevent the barn area from becoming swampy during heavy snowfall or rain. The horses should have access to utilities, so choose the space carefully. For instance, you can close the barn to the driveways or roads. Find the wind direction and try setting up the barn at a 45-degree angle from the wind flow for adequate air circulation and natural ventilation. Lastly, choose an area where expansion is possible because you might have a larger team. 

Interested in Ulrich Horse Barns?

Ulrich offers premium-quality horse barns that come with a 5-year warranty. We offer customized barns that fit your requirements. We manufacture barns using high-quality galvanized steel. The horse sheds, and barns are shipped factory-direct anywhere in the US. We have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted steel horse barn manufacturers. Our products are durable, future-proof, and built, implementing the bolt-together design. The design offers ample flexibility and superior strength. The barns are configurable, easy to install, and do not need any wielding. We offer DIY facilities to the landowners. You can also hire a contractor to install the 3-stall horse barn kits or invest in prefab barns.


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