Giving your horses the pleasure of living inside Ulrich run-in shed stalls – Flexible and easy-to-install structures

August 8th, 2023
Giving your horses the pleasure of living inside Ulrich run-in shed stalls – Flexible and easy-to-install structures

Horse owners board their livestock at local stables, but keeping the horses at home is delightful. It would help if you were careful while choosing the sheltering for horses. This will ensure that the animals will stay safe and happy. Run-in sheds and stalls are very common housing types for horses. 

Knowing about horse stalls

Run-in shed stalls offer shelter where every horse gets adequate personal care. So, this place is great even for horses that need extra care. The horse stalls allow owners to regulate the feeding. You can have a stall for your horses if they find self-regulating feeding difficult. Invest in a barn stall so that it is easier for you to see what the horse is eating. You can ensure a proper and timely diet. When horses are kept in the stalls, they are easily accessible. So, you can have a horse stall if you desire easy access to your horse daily. This way, you can bond well with them and spend ample time. Having a stall is very important. Your horses sometimes fall sick and experience comfort staying in the stalls. You are assured that the animals are right in front of you. Inside a horse stall, you can seclude the sick animals, and the vet can easily access them. Stalls are accommodations where every horse gets their personal space. Make sure your horses are energized, and take them for daily exercise. 

Is there adequate light and ventilation?

Lighting is very crucial for the care and observation of the horses. A poorly lit stall can make cleaning very difficult and will not lift the mood of the livestock. Ulrich horse stall kits offer spacious windows protected by mesh or strong bars. We advise placing electric fixtures along the side or front walls to reduce the shadows inside the stall. The fixtures should be at least 8 feet in height to avoid contact with the horses. All the electrical fixtures and wiring should be kept inside a hard plastic or metal case. 

There should be adequate air circulation inside a horse stall. Fresh air ensures that the horses should have good respiratory health. We do not recommend storing bedding or hay on the top of the stalls. These can cause fire hazards, trigger allergies, and hinder air circulation. Open panels and open mesh doors promote good air circulation. 

Do you want to give your horses more space and freedom?

You will have less work to do if you invest in a run-in shed stall. Some horse owners choose to have run-in shed stalls during the temperate times of the year and use stalls during extreme conditions. The horses can have enough time in the paddock and enjoy exercise. Ulrich builds front-open run-in sheds; you can opt for divider walls or choose not to have them. There are plenty of other options. 

Final words – get customized horse homes

Are you planning to have fresh horse stalls or barns? Or you might have an existing space where you wish to add stalls. Ulrich can customize complete horse stalls using bolt-together panels that facilitate easy installation. We manufacture high-quality horse stall kits that come with a 5-year warranty. 

There are millions of horses in the USA, and everyone is unique. Ulrich offers a range of pre-designed barns. We also help with customized solutions. We create something that fits your style and requirements. All our designs ensure safety, comfort, and security for the horses. Please consult our team about your requirements because you have plenty of choices.


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