Are you planning to have a round pen for horse training? Invest in a customized horse round pen

August 15th, 2023
Are you planning to have a round pen for horse training? Invest in a customized horse round pen

Horse round pens are a great investment to train horses inside a controlled space. Round pens are extremely versatile and suitable for all types of horses and riders. Most horse trainers feel content having a nice confined area. Generally, horse round pens have no corners and smooth sides, they are 6 inches high, and the diameter should not exceed 60 feet. These structures are available in different shapes and sizes. We customize based on your requirements. Many owners get round pens for horses that have limited experience. An instructor can be interested in a horse round pen while working with a new rider. 


Encouraging relaxation in the horses

A lot of riders like to grab their horses before riding them. A round pen allows the horses to move freely, work out, bend, and twist. This way, the horses can warm up and relax their muscles. These pens are also helpful in creating a bond with the horses. The animals can run and enjoy themselves as much and settle down gradually. Round pen panels for sale are ideal for horses that show wild behavior. It is easier to groom and hang out with the horses within this space. Round pens allow the rider relaxation and better communication with the animals. Do not misuse round pens like any other training tool. It is important to have good techniques and an understanding of using smaller spaces. 

Easy to install horse barns

Ulrich manufactures customized round pen panels for sale. We offer premium quality horse barns in the US. We are the most trusted steel horse barn manufacturer in the US. Ulrich horse barns are future-proof, configurable, and have bolt-together designs. This design offers great strength and flexibility. The horse barns are easy to install, and no welding is needed. The barns are manufactured and delivered factory-direct. Hire a contractor for the installation if you invest in kits, but we also offer DIY opportunities. There is no need to pay upfront because we offer flexible financing options. 

Ulrich horse barns – more than 50 years of craftsmanship

Ulrich is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience manufacturing sheds and barns. While using a round pen, you must try working with reliable horses who will not get aggressive or stressed. Lunging your livestock in a horse round pen teaches them to remain disciplined. The trainers can examine the horses, their movement, and their temperament. This is helpful when you are planning to evaluate the horse. Round pens are ideal for flawless working in the saddle and on the ground. 

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Ulrich offers barns of styles and sizes. We offer you premium galvanized, well-built customized barns. We build 6 inch and 8 inch round pens. You can also design your own horse barn. We ship products to all 48 states, and all our barns have a 5-year warranty. Request a quote.


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