Riding the Safe Circle: A Guide To Round Pen Safety Measures

December 30th, 2023
Riding the Safe Circle: A Guide To Round Pen Safety Measures

Taking your horses to the horse round pen for the first time is a task. Coping up with their resistance and finally introducing them to a routine of regular training and exercise results from your hard work and persistence. However, amidst your titanic resolve and immense labor to train well-behaved and high-performance horses, you must not compromise on safety measures. Building a safe and secure round pen and regularly checking its safety hazards are things that deserve all your attention. In this post, we will discuss the various aspects of building a functional and safe round pen for you and your horses. 

Understanding the key safety features:

Although the round pen is used for training and the space is used for a relatively shorter period, each time the horse and trainer enter the zone, they are exposed to the risk of injuries. Many factors deserve your attention in maintaining a safe round pen on your equine farm. Here are a few considerations to make:

  • You should inspect the footing of the round pen to avoid injuries. When your horses regularly run the same track, ruts are formed on the surface, which, if not even out, can lead to serious injuries like strains on the legs of the horses.
  • Consider choosing a footing material like sand or wood chips to offer better traction to the horses while running or exercising, eliminating the risk of frequent slips.
  • The other important safety factor to consider is choosing durable and impact-resistant fencing. The fence or walls of the round pens are bound to withstand spooks and crashes, so they need to be sturdy enough to endure these challenges. 

Proactive approaches to navigate risks:

As a horse owner, you must always look out for the safety and comfort of your equine friends. Thus, apart from investing in spacious and convenient barn designs, you must also look for high-quality round pen panels for sale. By choosing an extremely durable and sturdy round pen structure that is strategically built and designed, you can be assured of a safe space for your horses. Things to consider while investing in round pens:

  • Opt for 6’ or 8’ high walls for the round pens to avoid runaways. 
  • Choose solid panels for the lower 4’ and double-railed structures above for privacy and enhanced safety.
  • Check for the materials used for constructing the round pens. Opt for a model that uses galvanized steel or other metals, as it will ensure weather protection and offer better impact resistance.
  • Finally, choose a wide opening of 8’ to move in and out of the structure conveniently. However, the opening needs to be enclosed with gates to avoid the scenario of loose horses. 

Safety strategies for every equestrian:

In addition to ensuring the safety and comfort of horses, the safety of the equestrian is also a prerequisite. When trainers go around a horse round pen, they are equally at risk of injuries or unforeseen situations. Thus, it is best to remain prepared for the same. 

  • A compromised helmet and questionable track can be a dangerous combination that can call for a fatal injury. The modern helmets are built with foams that crush after a fall and deserve an immediate upgrade. Using a damaged helmet is like a ticking time bomb ready to explode and have serious repercussions. 
  • Fragile tacks can be yet another accident-prone addition to your equine accessories. You must check the tack every time you ride to avoid a fall and losing stability. 

Ensuring equine harmony with Ulrich round pens

You can trust your equine space with the round pen panels for sale from Ulrich. Ulrich round pens are built for durability and stability and can endure the impacts of crashes and kicks of the horses. Contact Ulrich today to place an order.

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