The importance of having a well-ventilated horse barn – Choose modern horse barn designs

January 4th, 2024
The importance of having a well-ventilated horse barn – Choose modern horse barn designs

The general size of your horse barn is determined by the number of stalls you require attaching to your barn. Furthermore, the quantity of stalls is decided by the number of ponies you own as of now or plan to have in the future. The horse barn stall should be spacious so that the horses can move or turn around and perform certain exercise. Less space can damage the interiors, causing dents and cracks as the horse’s body can bang against. If there is additional space, you can use it to store tools and equipment.

What should your barn include?

Our planners usually recommend a minimum of 12’ x 12’ space for every stall. The wall in between the stalls should be at least 8 feet high to prevent the horses from kicking. High-quality partition materials are used to enhance the ventilation and allow the horses to socialize. If you have more numbers, discuss 6 stall horse barn plans with us.

Each stall should be fitted with an automatic watering system that auto-refills as your horses keep drinking. Install a heater in your system so that the water does not freeze during winter. Install water hookups between the stalls that will help to reduce the need for hoses and there will be less mud spread. Pair the stalls together to clean and remove the manure efficiently. If the interior is constructed on columns, attach the stalls to the columns for better stability.

Be very careful while choosing horse stall designs

You can choose to have a clear span design or interior columns. We have a team of experts to offer suggestions. Each stall type has its own pros and cons. For instance, the column supports the roof, so we look into the roof design of condition to decide whether you need them at all. The clean span design does not require the support of the roof, so you have more freedom to decide the placement of the horse stalls.

Vent your horse barn and stalls adequately

Your horses need clean, fresh air to maintain good health. Proper barn ventilation keeps the air quality high. During the winter when the temperature dips, a well-fed horse produces sufficient heat to remain comfortable. The cold air passing through the barn cannot affect the horse’s health. During the warm season, you can install ventilation fans for air circulation.

Does your horse barn have a tack room?

You should have one for easy access to your blankets, saddles, bridles, and other equipment. A tack room safeguards your equipment from being exposed to dust. Most barn owners store hay inside the barn, but you must take care of the safety concerns. Hay can cause major damage by catching fire, so if your barn is not resistant, plan storing somewhere else. If you have 6 stall horse barn plans, we will help you with a customized barn.

Final words – design a customized barn

Ulrich has been manufacturing horse barns for more than 50 years, and we are customizing solutions for you. We are one of the renowned horse barn builders in the US. Let us know if you are interested in a horse barn. We can help you discover what you require. Our prices are competitive, and we work to satisfy your needs. Get in touch and request a quote.

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