Five Hidden Hazards in Your Horse Barn to Look Out For

December 25th, 2023
Five Hidden Hazards in Your Horse Barn to Look Out For

Whether you are an amateur equestrian or have years of experience, you always want to play it safe when it concerns your majestic friends. In short, you are always on your toes to make the environment comfortable and safe for your equine friends. It is certain that you are well aware of the dos and don’ts in an equestrian space to ensure the safety of the animals and humans. However, certain safety hazards in a horse barn are not obvious and won’t grab your attention until the damage is done. 

Through this post, we have listed some of the less conspicuous hazards of horsemanship to keep you alert and working on the same. Check out the five hidden hazards we identified and fix them immediately to avoid short-term or long-term effects.

Check out for cluttered barns

If you believe that cluttered metal horse barns are all but an eyesore or aesthetic disaster, you are wrong there, my friend. A cluttered barn is more than that; it is an invitation to accidents and trippings that can cause serious injury to your horses and yourself. An inattentive horse can trip over a misplaced tack trunk or bucket or step over a pitchfork, seriously injuring itself. Thus, sorting out the barn and keeping it clutter-free for unrestricted movement becomes essential. 

Refrain from feeding treacherous treats

You might not have given it a thought, but you should consider the size of the treats while feeding your horses. Fruits or other food items that are too large to swallow directly and too small to chew can end up choking the horses and lead to fatal conditions. Keep an inquisitive eye on the sizable cuts for all the treats. The one-thumb rule is to consider nothing bigger than a golf ball in the case of round items and nothing bigger than your thumb in the case of linear food items. 

Keep away the grains

Keeping the grains unsecured can provide easy access to your horses, and they can end up over-eating during a night raid. The unassisted feeding adventures can lead to colic or laminitis situation in horses. So, while customizing horse barns kits, remember to opt for a secure storage and feed room to keep the grains hidden from your horses. 

Abstain from intense lighting

As a means to ensure safety, you might want to opt for a well-lit barn with high-intensity lights. But wait! The bright lights of the barn can be blinding for your horses and can impact their health negatively. The ideal fix to this problem can be placing the lights strategically to ensure a soothing effect for your horses and also serve the purpose of lighting. 

Check out for unsecured perimeter

It is of utmost importance that you check for continuous fence lines or barriers in your equestrian property. You must know that any loose end can lead to a runaway wreck. Apart from your horse barn, you should also keep the entire equine farm secured to prevent your loose horse from reaching the nearby road and meeting with an unforeseen accident. 

Winding Up

These were a few unidentified hazards quite common in equestrian spaces. With a keen eye and genuine concern for your horses, you can figure out some of the more unattended hazards in your barn space. However, to begin with, you must choose safe, comfortable, and durable metal horse barns for your horses. Ulrich Horse Barns can be of great help as they prioritize your horses’ comfort, safety, and convenience and are easy to install. Check out the website for more details.

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