The simple gable horse barn suits every budget – The common roof style

August 3rd, 2023
The simple gable horse barn suits every budget – The common roof style

Horses make beautiful pets. The large four-legged creatures require a perfect home for good health and mood. Building a horse barn can be daunting, but renting one is expensive. Why not be interested in customized prefab horse barns? If you have space, have your barn on it. If you are planning within a tight budget, hire contractors to build one. Having a barn has many advantages. Boarding facilities have restricted visiting hours, while you can see your horses anytime if you have a barn close to your property. So, make a cozy space for the horses, and create a stronger bond. 

Are you worried about the budget? We will help you choose the roof style and customization options, ensuring it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. Also, most barn manufacturing companies offer flexible financing options. Let us take a look at the very simple gable horse barn

The features of a gable-style roof

The roof style plays an important role. Out of many existing roof styles, the gable roof is one of the most common barn roof styles. It is known as a peaked or pitched roof, and it is triangular. A gable roof style is a popular choice due to the reasonable cost, and these are suitable for budget-conscious owners. The gable roof has two panels that slant down from an edge known as a ridge. The two slopes on the roof allow rainwater and snow to drain off easily. The roof is covered with shingles, metal, wood or tile. 

The gable barn – more space inside

A gable horse barn features an A-shaped roof style and no gaps in the upper structure. This prevents the harsh weather from invading the barn. These are designed to keep horses comfortable and safe in cold and warm weather conditions. We customize barns, they are available in any size, and there are endless options. Constructing a gable roof requires a small amount of materials compared to other roof types. So they are affordable. This roof style has more interior space for ventilation and storage. 

Use a part of the horse barn for your hobbies

Are you renovating your old gable horse barn or investing in a new one? The idea of having a private craft space inside the barn is not bad. Horse barns offer additional space for woodworking and other hobbies. Use a portion of the horse barn as your craft area or design studio. There are various creative ideas that we implement to add functionality. Horse barns are roomy structures and have sufficient flexibility. 

Ulrich – over 50 years of experience

Ulrich offers customized horse barns that fit every budget and are customized to your requirements.. The barns come with a 5-year warranty. Ulrich’s Gable Breezeway Horse Barn can be set up with or without a center aisle. These are entirely compact and enclosed horse sheltering. You can choose between seven exterior siding colors and different roofing colors. We are the trusted steel horse barn manufacturer in the US. We ship barns to all 48 states in the US. Our products are available at manufacturer-direct prices. 

Protect your livestock with Ulrich Horse Barns

Livestock protection is of utmost importance.  When the horses start living inside a secure barn, they remain safe from all outside natural and man-made elements. Once the gable horse barn is ready, maintain the upkeep to ensure the good health of the livestock. 

Please discuss with us your barn design so we can guide you in the right direction.


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