Fresh Air and Paramount Daylight: Perks of Opting for a Shed Row Horse Barn

October 12th, 2023
Fresh Air and Paramount Daylight: Perks of Opting for a Shed Row Horse Barn

The shed row barns are a crucial addition to the equestrian setups. They are instrumental in offering shade to the horses, besides keeping them warm in colder months and cool in warmer months. While there are a variety of horse barn models, shed row barns are particularly popular for their atmospheric layout. They promote uninterrupted airflow and exposure to daylight, making for a healthy and comfortable space for the equines. 

Horses are social animals and love to spend significant time in the comfort of their homes. Thus, it becomes essential to provide them with the best comfort, safety, and hygiene while designing a space for them. It is incredible how a shed row horse barn ticks all the boxes and is an effective solution for housing more horses in a limited space. Installing shed row barns can help eliminate the age-old cramped stalls, which were uncomfortable and stinky for the horses. If you are looking for an affordable and innovative shelter for your horses, shed row barns are the one for you.


Why should you choose Ulrich shed row barns over other popular barns?

Ulrich shed row barns are designed for adequate ventilation, efficacious drainage, and a well-structured layout. Ulrich barns are designed to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable space for the equines to rest, relax, and eat. While other popular barn designs can be stuffy or too exposed to weather variations, shed row barns have the perfect balance of privacy and openness. Ulrich uses high-quality materials and has invested years of experience in achieving functional and comfortable barn designs. 

Advantages of Shed Row Barns in an Equestrian Setup

It’s not just that shed row barns ensure comfort for the equines. They have much more to offer. Check out the benefits of installing shed row barns in your equestrian setups. 

Protection from foreign elements:

The completely enclosed design of these barns provides incredible protection against foreign elements and weather variations. However, the implementation of grill sections and Dutch doors ensures enhanced air circulation and better exposure to daylight. 

Accommodate multiple horses:

The  3-stall horse barn layout is designed to accommodate three horses at a time while ensuring privacy for every horse. This way, the horses have private stalls equipped with Dutch doors, grill sections, and feeder panels for convenience and comfort. 

Additional storage possibilities:

In addition to providing a comfortable space for equines, shed row barns also pose possibilities for dedicated storage and feeding rooms. It is incredible how Ulrich allows customization for the shed row barns to accommodate additional tack rooms, feeding rooms, grooming areas, and storage spaces. This allows for a more organized and well-planned space for the smooth functioning of commercial equestrian spaces. 

Cost Effective and Affordable:

While constructing a functional and organized barn space might cost you a fortune, Ulrich makes things simple and affordable with their range of prefab 3-stall horse barn kits. These affordable and durable barn kits remain functional for decades and do not require expensive maintenance. 

Choose Ulrich and enjoy a lifetime kick-through guarantee

Ulrich shed row barns are packed with features and made from high-quality galvanized steel. The interiors are designed by Galvalume, which promises a lifetime kick-through guarantee. Additionally, we offer a 5-year warranty on all horse barn models. Our barns are designed to combat weather variations and hit the mark for commercial purposes. Our team at Ulrich constantly moves the goalposts to improve and innovate with the designs to ensure satisfaction at your end. We also provide financing assistance if you are not willing to pay upfront for your barns. 

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