Considering the Various Roof Styles while Designing a Modern Horse Barn

October 10th, 2023
Considering the Various Roof Styles while Designing a Modern Horse Barn

A new horse barn is not just a precious investment but something you will depend on for over 10 years. The initial part of designing an incredible horse barn was figuring out the number of stalls. We suggest you add more horse stalls than the total number of horses. This way, you will have space for housing extra horses anytime. After all, the price of a horse barn largely depends on the number of stalls. 

A-lean-to is another very important factor when designing a barn. A lean-to protects you and the horses from rain, sun, and other climatic conditions. It is incredible how a barn in Ulrich can keep your horses 100% protected from various elements. After all, the roof should be extremely durable. Generally, barn roofs are made of metal or architectural shingles. 


The various horse barn roof styles

While building a steel horse barn, you can customize the roof style more. Please take a look at the most popular roof styles of a horse barn:

Gambrel roof – This roof style is suitable for a two-story barn and is popular for offering abundant storage space and ample headroom on the top floor. The Gambrel roof showcases two slopes where one is steeper while the other is shallower. This style is generally seen in big-sized farms and is known for offering good drainage. After all, the gambrel style was popular during colonial America, giving it the traditional look and feel. This style is easy to build, offering a classic look and appealing to horse owners. A barn with a top floor allows you to optimize the total usable space. 

Gable roof – This is one of the most common roof styles in the US. The Gable roof is known as the peaked or pitched roof, which is triangular and easily recognizable. Gable horse barns can be designed with numerous roof pitches for your special requirements. The gable horse barn incorporates a truss system to keep the cost low. Gable barns comprise a flow-through breezeway with horse stalls and storage spaces on either side, while they can also be customized with dormers to add natural light. Shed roofs are added to either side for additional space, a parking lot, and an enclosed paddock. 

Shed roof – A shed roof has a flat and straight pitch. It is generally used in smaller-sized barns and open-air buildings. This is the simplest type of roof frame, requiring the front wall to be higher than the rear one. Building a shed roof requires less labor and materials. 

Accessorize your prefab horse barn

Adding accessories is the final step in designing a horse barn. Some of the additional horse barn options include installing accessories like a cupola, stylish vents, skylights, and more.  

Ulrich’s modern horse barns are prefabricated inside a workshop and assembled onsite. This ultra-efficient process makes our barns affordable compared to competitors. 

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