Our raised center aisle barns combine ventilation and light with a greater scope of customization

October 5th, 2023
Our raised center aisle barns combine ventilation and light with a greater scope of customization

The raised center aisle or the monitor barn is one of the most popular designs that offers several advantages to your horses. The incredibly designed raised center aisle barn offers a raised ceiling above a breezeway, providing sufficient ventilation and optimal lighting. In addition to the layout, this barn style showcases classic architectural lines. After all, aisle barns are most suited for classic horse homes. The center aisle barn can be configured in a single or double breezeway design, providing additional spaces for the horses and grooming equipment. 


Let your horses breathe the fresh air inside the barn

It is incredible how the modern raised center aisle barns feature two stall rows on either side for an open aisle. These barns can be single-story or double-story. Generally, this barn style is seen around the countryside as horse farmers own them. The upper ventilated space of the barn allows fresh air and light into the barn. This way, the barn expels hot air out of its interior. Barn manufacturers can customize the upper breezeway window option as it controls the natural ventilation. It can be opened and closed depending on the airflow requirements and weather conditions. 

Discussing the incredible advantages of a center aisle barn

Stalls with two rows – The barn remains in the center while the aisle remains in the center. This means owners can house more than two horses. This is a crucial benefit if you plan to board many horses simultaneously.  

Your barn is protected in any weather

Since the center aisle is enclosed, your horses stay safe in all weather conditions. This way, the barn interior also remains well-maintained. 

The quintessential rusticity

Ulrich manufactures a center aisle barn with a classic look and rustic style. 

Additional space for a tack room

The center aisle barn is large, with ample space for storing hay and a tack room. Your horses have additional room for the belongings, while you can use the space. 

Barn comes in two stories

The center aisle horse barns are available in single or double stories. This is crucial if you wish to experience a loft inside your barn. 

Customized horse barns that are a value for money

Ulrich is one of the leading horse barn manufacturers in Texas. After all, we are renowned for being a family-owned business and celebrating 50 years in the industry. Ulrich ships customized horse barns factory-direct in the USA. We offer low-interest financing solutions that allow not making upfront payments while purchasing a barn. Our kick-proof and chew-proof horse barns are value for money.  

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