Beginners Handbook to Train in a Horse Round Pen

April 9th, 2024
Beginners Handbook to Train in a Horse Round Pen

Training horses takes a lot of patience, understanding, experience, and strategy. Plus, you need access to the right training tools to make the process a seamless and effective experience for you and your horse. Moreover, the relationship you share with your equine friend has much to do with how well you are progressing with the training schedules. It’s an action and reaction process, where you must acknowledge and respond to your horse’s actions to train them. Investing in a horse round pen can be an effective step towards beginning an effective horse training program. 


Although round pens are proven to train horses effectively, here are some rules that will guide you. Round pens are tricky but not risky as they eliminate the risk of sharp corners that could lead to injuries. Check out the tips or rules that could help you utilize these structures to their prospects.


Horse round pens offer the liberty and safety to train


The biggest benefit of investing in round pen panels for sale is the liberty and safety that they offer during the training. The circular shape of the round pens helps ensure the development, balancing, and concentration of horses. Moreover, this enclosed structure allows the development of a bond between the horse and the trainer by eliminating unnecessary distractions during the training. The training period in a round pen allows you to build a foundation of faith between the horse and the trainer so that your horse shows signs of obedience. We have drafted five important rules for using round pens for horse training.

  • Safety comes first: You must thoroughly inspect the round pen structure and the footing for anything unsafe or uncomfortable to ensure the best for your horses. Many horses are snorty to unfamiliar surroundings, and as a trainer, you must make your horses feel safe and comfortable. 
  • Start by ignoring: You must have read many strategies on using the horse round pen for the best result. But trust us, the most effective way to do this is to let your horses have their way within the round pen without interference. Your horse’s first experience in the round pen should be with the freedom to explore the space just as they want. Once your horses figure out this new addition, they will start engaging in the activities you have lined up for them.
  • Work towards responses, not reactions: While at it, you must quit pestering your horses for every little thing. Opt for the simplest way by asking for the smallest movements, and once your horses respond, quit asking right there. You must also work towards building a relationship with your horse by playing with them and engaging in activities together. This will also allow you to work on your horses’ focus and footwork. 
  • Emotions should be kept outside: When training your horses, you should and must be in charge of your emotions to not overwhelm the horses with your emotional responses. Just as your horses need to keep calm and be balanced, the same goes for you. In any case of anger, frustration, or fear in your horses or you, it is ideal to quit the training and then take the time to compose and bounce back with new energy. 
  • You win when your horse wins: Last but not least, do not get competitive with your horse. It is essential that you end a day’s activity on a higher note and let your horse win to motivate them for further activities. You must understand your horse’s capabilities and pack that much activity that it can endure and not get greedy for more. Always try to end the day’s activity with a winner, even if that means introducing something simple and easy. 


Final Thought


If you have decided to incorporate a horse round pen for training your horses, you must check out Ulrich for the best deals. Ulrich offers good-quality round pen panels for sale made from galvanized steel and Galvalume interiors. Moreover, Ulrich’s equine structures are configurable, available in seven different exterior colors, and have a 5-year manufacturer warranty. 


Ulrich is a renowned family-owned business with over 50 years of experience. Their barns are made in America and shipped nationwide at factory-direct prices. Ulrich round pens are delivered in a kit for easy bolt-together installation as all the welding, punching, shearing, and forming are completed in the factory. Visit the website now for more details.

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