Prefab Horse Barns Feeling Stuffy? Effective Ways to Enhance the Ventilation

April 5th, 2024
Prefab Horse Barns Feeling Stuffy? Effective Ways to Enhance the Ventilation

When installing prefab horse barns for sale in a compact space, they may come out as confined and stuffy. However, you can work up to introducing certain tips and tricks that improve the ventilation and allow ample fresh air for your horses. We know the importance of proper air circulation and daylight exposure in a barn to ensure a hygienic environment and healthy horses. 

Whatever your barn space’s geographical location or weather condition, you cannot ignore the importance of a well-ventilated structure. By prioritizing cross ventilation, you sign in for an airy and comfortable barn for your horses and the caretakers. In this blog, we have picked out ideas that help to improve the ventilation in prefab horse barns. If your barn manufacturer is not already incorporating these features, you must request the same. 

Incorporate exterior barn doors and windows in the design

Add exterior doors and windows to the structure if you want a quick and simple solution to improve ventilation. This upgrade is extremely flexible and can be introduced as part of customizing while manufacturing your horse barn and the existing structures. The additional windows and doors promote air circulation while allowing fresh air into the structure.

Opt for higher ceilings in the barn design

Another essential feature to introduce in your barn designs is to opt for higher ceilings for enhanced air circulation. Many barn models feature an elevated roof design and are popular for offering a comfortable environment for the horses. However, ask your manufacturer to implement higher ceilings when designing a barn. A higher ceiling helps pull out the warm air and bring in cold and fresh air to the barns. Typically, a gable barn and a raised center aisle horse barn for sale feature an elevated roof and are popular structures in equestrian farms.

Installing artificial ventilation systems

Apart from making structural changes in your barns, you can also introduce certain artificial ventilation systems to effectively and efficiently enhance air circulation. Invest in high-quality stall fans to improve the air circulation inside the barns. Stall fans are also effective as a cooling system during the hot summers. Besides, they help to improve the air quality inside the barn and reduce the chances of heat stress on the horses. Exhaust fans are also an efficient addition to the barns as they help maintain proper ventilation and air circulation inside the barn. 

However, it is recommended that you choose your fans and exhaust fans from reputed barns that operate with less noise and do not pose any safety issues for the inhabitants. For example, traditional box fans are an absolute disaster for horse barns as they have an open motor design that can pose serious fire hazards. The box fans are inexpensive and versatile, but they are not approved equipment for horse barns as they fail to meet the national electrical codes. 

Improvise the stalls with grill sections

Grill sections in a horse stall are an exceptional idea as they help offer unrestricted airflow and openness to the horse stalls and barns. If you plan to introduce some ventilation options to your existing horse stalls, you can replace at least one wall with a grill section. However, if you are designing a new barn, convey your manufacturer to include grill sections to the horse stalls for effective air circulation.

Ulrich horse barns are designed for better air circulation and daylight exposure

Check out the prefab horse barns from Ulrich, as they are an engineering and designing marvel that prioritizes ventilation and better exposure to natural light in the barns. Ulrich barns have 4’x4’ grill sections and Dutch doors in the 12’3”x12’3” horse stalls. Ulrich is a family-owned business and all their products are made in America. These barns are simple to assemble with bolt together method and have 12 GA 3″ wide base channels anchored every 4′ for durable structural integrity. Besides, they are customizable to meet your requirements and shipped nationwide. Learn more from the website. 

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