Are Raised Center Aisle Barns the Right Barn Style for Your Space? Check out Now!

April 12th, 2024
Are Raised Center Aisle Barns the Right Barn Style for Your Space? Check out Now!

If you are planning to design an equestrian space, you must begin by selecting the right barn style. This process can be overwhelming with the different styles and designs of barns that crowd the market and make it difficult to choose a particular one. Through this post, we will introduce you to one of the most popular and functional barn styles found effective by most barn owners. The monitor barns are a highly regarded barn style that offers practical benefits in caring for and looking after the horses while ensuring animal safety and comfort. The raised center aisle barns are prime examples of monitor barns. 

However, as much as the features and benefits of monitor barns urge you to opt for the same, you must understand your requirements and choose a barn that caters to your needs. We have drafted this post to help you understand whether you should invest in raised center aisle barn plans or go with something else.

How are monitor barns different from other popular barn designs?

One of the key features of monitor barns is that they have great potential in terms of design and evolution. Since these barns are built on a larger area, they offer greater space for residing, storage, and day-to-day activities. In addition to the design flexibility, the monitor barns offer stellar square footage for a seamless barn experience. The monitor barns have a wide center aisle that offers access to the horse stalls on either side. 

Choose a raised center aisle barn if:

As stated, you should choose a barn style that fits your budget and meets your requirements. However, when choosing a raised center barn, you opt for a spacious structure requiring a bigger area. You must decide on a shed row barn if you have a compact space and want a simple space to offer your horses shelter. Let’s find out the requirements that should motivate you to buy a monitor barn or, more specifically, a raised center barn.

Housing more horses:

The raised center aisle barn plans allow for multiple stalls that effectively shelter multiple horses at a time. These barns are customizable and can be designed with more stalls and wider aisles for an effective and practical solution. Besides, the center aisle makes it easy for the caretaker to reach out to every horse in the barn.

Higher ceilings:

Higher ceilings allow for a loft area to be used as additional storage in the barn. Besides, higher ceilings also ensure better ventilation and air circulation inside the barn, making for a clean, hygienic, and dry space. If you want to prioritize the ventilation in your barn space, monitor barns are the one for you.

Dedicated storage spaces:

Raised center barns offer adequate space for installing dedicated stalls for tack, feed, and other essentials and help in maintaining an organized and clutter-free barn. As mentioned, monitor barns allow versatility in design and flexibility in use. 

Wrapping Up:

Monitor barns are a timeless style that has survived the test of time and is still a popular choice among horse owners. Consider these barns if you want to experience seamless day-to-day activity in your barn. However, your search for raised center aisle barns ends with Ulrich. Ulrich barns are made in America and ensure higher quality and impressive durability with 12 GA 3″ wide base channels anchored every 4′. Besides, Ulrich barns are available at factory-direct prices and shipped nationwide. Moreover, the simple bolt-together method makes the installation time-effective and easy. Design yours now!


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