The raised center aisle barn – adaptable and flexible horse home

August 17th, 2023
The raised center aisle barn – adaptable and flexible horse home

There are multiple types of barns available on the market. Each has its own advantages and limitations. Horse owners understand the value of owning a good-quality and well-designed barn. A barn offers shelter to the livestock and enhances the look and value of your property. Raised center aisle barns are conventional, post-frame structures with a raised section and shed wings on the side. The old-fashioned raised center aisle barns blend with the recent customizations. These structures are popular among horse enthusiasts. The raised center aisle barns allow ample air circulation and natural lighting inside. 


Raised center aisle barns are designed and engineered to be flexible and adaptable. So, these structures can fulfill different requirements on the farm. Here are a few ways people use the raised center aisle barn:

  • Livestock barn
  • Sectional
  • horse barn with stalls
  • hay barn
  • Shelter for farm equipment, etc

Choose a roof style

Usually, barns offer a rounded roof, whereas a raised center horse barn has a roof built on an A-frame. The panels are horizontally or vertically oriented. Vertical panels help to glide off rain, snow, and other debris. The vertical roof comes with enhanced steel reinforcement that increases its durability. 

Adequate ventilation

The raised center aisle horse barn offers sufficient ventilation, ensuring proper airflow inside. This will prevent ventilation, dust, odor, allergens, and moisture buildup. Without proper ventilation, the temperature inside the barn will rise and make it unsuitable for the animals to live. As the name suggests, the open center aisle barn allows ample airflow, allowing you to open both ends. 

Are you looking for greater space inside the horse barn?

The aisle barn showcases an expansive design to meet the requirements. The multiple stalls allow you to house plenty of animals in a single place. This allows easy monitoring and easy care. With great space inside the barn, grooming the horses or putting them on tack is easier. Adding a supply room if you want more space will be easy. 

Quickly access your horses

You can access and connect with the horses by choosing the raised center aisle horse barn. A Dutch door attached at the back of the stall makes it easy for the horses to come and go. Setting up an end-to-end fenced area can be great as the livestock can go for some fresh air and run under the sun. 

Affordable horse barns

You already know barns are also a perfect place to keep your stuff. Like all Americans, you can put all your home, work and farm equipment inside the barn. You can use your horse barn for storage if it is spacious. Ulrich offers competitive pricing on all horse barns. The price of the raised center aisle barn depends on the size and dimension you choose. 

Ulrich horse barns – value for money

Ulrich has been offering complete horse barn solutions for over 50 years. The Raised Center Aisle Breezeway barn is our most popular design. Our horse barns are value for money. Do you need a barn right now? Choose from different raised center aisle barn plans. Well, there is no need to pay upfront. We bring you low-interest financing solutions.


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