Smart Initiatives that Could Save You Time and Effort In a Barn

April 16th, 2024
Smart Initiatives that Could Save You Time and Effort In a Barn

Running a barn demands dedication and constant hard work around the clock to ensure everything falls into place. This takes toil and ends up making you exhausted and burned out by the end of the day. An exhausted horse owner will struggle to keep up with day-to-day equestrian activities and will not emotionally be available for the livestock. Thus, rather than succumbing to the busy work schedule in a barn, you must adopt some smart and effective tricks that could save you time and effort. In this blog, we have identified certain smart choices that will make your daily barn operations effortless, giving you more time to rest and spend with your horses. Discuss these ideas with your horse barn builders to incorporate in your barn designs. 

Investing in maintenance tools

Daily cleaning and maintenance is the most time-consuming activity in a horse barn. Moreover, maintenance will be a never-ending affair if you have installed 6-stall horse barn plans or more. However, investing in certain modern maintenance tools is the ideal solution for achieving effortless and time-saving cleaning endeavors. Choose a leaf blower and a high-quality vacuum cleaner for an effective cleaning spree. The leaf blower is an excellent choice for outdoor cleaning, whereas the vacuum cleaner can be used for indoor cleaning. 

Besides, use a commercial hose pipe for wet cleaning, so you do not need to carry buckets of water. The best solution is a water jetting hose that releases water at high pressure, making cleaning easy and time-effective.


Plan a rain-water collection system

In addition to incorporating modern technologies and tools into the barn, you can also make use of the easily available resources. Without investing in a fancy water storage solution, you can plan on storing the rainwater to fill the troughs. The metal barns can be designed with rain gutters on the roofs, allowing the rainwater to be stored directly in tanks and accessible for barn operations. This is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for horse barns. You can also introduce this technique in the run-in sheds that are located in pasture land and eliminate the need to fill tanks with water for the horses.

Introducing practical and automated feeding solutions

Feeding the horses is not easy, as it consumes a lot of time and requires moving from one stall to the other to distribute the rations. Introducing certain solutions, like automated feeders or wheeled feeding carts, can make the feeding procedure time-effective and effortless. 

With an automated system, you can ensure better barn management and concentrate on other important tasks in the barn. Automated feeders are designed to dispense the right amount of feed for each horse and help eliminate the chances of overfeeding. Thus, apart from being a functional element to your horse barns, the automated feeding system also ensures the right amount of diet for the horses to maintain their overall weight and health. 

Contact Ulrich to build efficient and functional barn spaces

By conveying your ideas and choices for effortless barn maintenance to your horse barn builders, you can incorporate them from the inception of your equestrian journey. In this regard, you need to trust a reliable and experienced manufacturer who can understand and help you build a technically sound, comfortable, and effortless barn structure. 

Ulrich is a family-owned barn manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in this sector. Ulrich manufactures metal barns that are configurable to cater to your requirements. Ulrich barns are designed, manufactured, engineered, and welded in the factory and shipped nationwide at factory-direct prices. These barns are installed with the bolt-together method, which is time-effective and effortless. Ulrich barns are designed with 12 GA 3″ wide base channels anchored every 4′ for structural strength. Check out Ulrich’s 6-stall horse barn plans now and incorporate these tips for a seamless equine journey. 


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