Making right use of a functional and modern raised center aisle barns

November 13th, 2023
Making right use of a functional and modern raised center aisle barns

Do you think a barn is only meant for housing horses? A lot of owners used to store different stuff. After all, a metal barn is a perfect solution for all your equine and storage needs. These steel structures are flexible, rugged, and built-to-last.

Are you searching among popular barn styles?

The raised center barn is also known as the Carolina barn. These metal barns are available in three sections with a raised center aisle and small-sized wings adjoined on both the sides. You can decide to leave the three sections of the raised center barn open or you might prefer an entirely enclosed structure. This incredible design is considered both functional and outstanding. Scroll through the raised center aisle barn plans and finalize one.

The raised center aisle barn is a popular horse house design among the many horse barn styles available. The incredible center barn showcases a raised ceiling just above the breezeway that will offer sufficient lighting and adequate ventilation. It is incredible how the center aisle barn can be configured in a single or double breezeway design, providing additional spaces for the horses and grooming equipment. 

Allow ponies to bask in the sun and inhale outside air

Are you installing a center aisle horse barn with a single or double breezeway? Envision your ponies taking in the outside air and lounging in the daylight. You could use the additional barn space for storage or other purposes as well.  Horses can enjoy the warmth of the sun and a lot of fresh air. Our raised center aisle barns offer quicker access to the animals. After all, raised barns are extremely spacious so it makes horse movement and grooming process easier. You will be elated to see your horses happy inside a spacious barn.

Ulrich – a family-owned business

Ulrich’s Raised Center Aisle Barns are designed to meet the snow load prerequisites. We use structural steel framework and cutting-edge technology. These raised center aisle barns offer adequate ventilation, proper distribution light and promote healthy horse health. Ulrich is one of the premium horse barn kit manufacturers in Texas. Afterall, we are eminent for being a family-owned business. We are celebrating 50 years in the horse barn manufacturing business. We showcase unparalleled craftsmanship to design premium-quality materials. Ulrich ships horse barns factory-direct in the USA. We offer low-interest funding arrangements so that it is easy to own horse barns of your choice. We are proudly serving the equine community by manufacturing barns with modern amenities. Our barns are not just functional but secure that protect your horses from turbulent weather conditions.

We will customize horse barns based on your requirements

You are probably hoping to redo a pony horse shelter to your requirements. Ulrich makes it a point to meet your requirements based on your raised center aisle barn plans. Our customer care executives can answer all your pony’s dwelling place.

Final words

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