When Rain Pours and Winds Blow, Horses Find Comfort in Their Cozy Shelter

August 29th, 2023
When Rain Pours and Winds Blow, Horses Find Comfort in Their Cozy Shelter

During winter, horse owners can get weary from repeatedly bringing their horses back into the barn, especially during storms. Run in shed stalls come as a relief, offering not only horses but also cows goats and other livestock a dry and comfortable place to rest during cold or rainy weather. These are smaller, three-sided shelters that are simpler and more budget-friendly than large barns. Run in shed stalls provide livestock with a snug spot to rest without feeling confined. Horses love spending time in the open pastures, running, exercising, and enjoying the sun. But they also need a place to take cover from the rain, wind, snow, and heat.


Introducing Horses to a New Run In Shed

Imagine seeing horses gracefully relaxing in their new shed. We customize barns and horse stall kits according to your needs. Horses get more free time in run in sheds, as they are free to access the protection and yet spend as much time as they want outdoors. This means less work for owners. Horses need space to run, stretch, and relax their muscles. Providing them with the right environment strengthens your bond with them. Run in shed stalls bridge the gap between an open pasture and a stall inside your barn. We offer both the standard open front or add the optional front wall for a stall option.

Reducing Stress in Horses with Run In Sheds

Proper shelter decreases stress, keeping horses happy and secure. Horses are pack animals and enjoy time together. With the Run In shelter they have a safe haven where they can interact, exhibit good behavior, groom, and socialize.

Choosing the Right Direction

A run in shed is three-sided, so positioning it correctly is crucial. Usually, the opening faces south to counter prevailing north or northwest winds. Morning sun rays keep the animals warm. However, you can face a barn or shed in any direction based on your preference.

Ulrich: Making Prefab Horse Barns and Kits

Ulrich crafts horse stall kits and run in sheds with quality materials and craftsmanship, serving horse owners for over 50 years. Our range includes prefab barns and horse stall kits that offer great value. We ship to all 48 states, ensuring timely delivery or refunding $1000.

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