Knowing the Advantages of Installing a Spacious Single-roof Gable Horse Barn

August 24th, 2023
Knowing the Advantages of  Installing a Spacious Single-roof Gable Horse Barn

It’s pretty incredible how a horse barn becomes this hub of all things related to animal care. It’s not just a spot for horses with stalls; it’s a ranch essential. Horses find safety and independence in barn stalls. They exercise, bond, and roam the fields, always circling back to the barn. In a well-sized barn, you’ll find room for a feed area, a tack space, a washing station, hay storage, and even a horse infirmary. There are various barn types, but if you’re located in a climate where winter weather is as much or a greater concern than summer heat, the gable horse barn is your answer.


Ever thought about how barn interiors take care of hooves?

Outdoor run in or shaded shelters don’t have the protection to keep the bedding dry from blowing rains and fail to protect your horses during the seasonal wet climates whereas inside a barn horses are protected from hoof rot. Hard concrete floors are not ideal for their hooves and we recommend either rubber mats or dirt floor with ample bedding. This way, their hooves stay in good shape without much effort on your part.

Facing extreme weather with your horses? Ventilation is still very important!

Barns are a godsend in severe weather. The Gable barn is our recommendation for areas with long harsh winter weather. While the gable horse barn doesn’t have the air flow that makes the Raised Center Aisle so attractive in warm climates, the Ulrich Gable Barn still has the full length 4” open eaves on both sidewalls to keep adequate airflow cutting out ammonia buildup. The Ridge is vented as well for natural airflow. If you are concerned with warm summer weather we recommend adding under roof insulation to shield horses from heat. An enclosed barn protects from cold wind but equally important is correct ventilation to protect from ammonia and condensation build up and, keeping mold and bacteria at bay.

Custom Designed for Space To Meet Your Needs

Opt for a gable horse barn with the upgraded wide center aisle to give you the exercise area during the winter months. No need for an expensive arena we can design the center aisle to be up to 49’ wide. With the stalls on the sides and even the ends you will be able to see all your horses while exercising. Ulrich’s Gable Horse Barn can range from the standard 12’3” up to 49-wide breezeway, complete with Dutch doors and grill sections to both the center aisle and exterior walls if needed. You can choose from seven exterior siding shades and various roofing colors.

Customization and Flexibility

Don’t want your gable horse barn just for horses? Like any of our barns the Gable barn is an excellent option for open interior areas for hobbies, storage, or even as a garage. It’s versatile, ensuring ample protected space for whatever you need. Our team works closely with customers, tailoring barns to their specifications. We’re here with ideas if you’re still on the fence about the design.

Ulrich Horse Barns: Direct from the Manufacturer

Ulrich is a name you can trust when it comes to steel horse barns. Our custom barns cater to all your needs, backed by a 5-year warranty and our lifetime kickthrough guarantee on all wall panels. We deliver to all 48 states. You get these top-quality items straight from the manufacturer at unbeatable prices.

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