Ways to Keep Flies Away from Your Horses in a Horse Barn

March 22nd, 2024
Ways to Keep Flies Away from Your Horses in a Horse Barn

Summer is knocking at the door, and it is time to think and rethink how to ensure a hygienic space for your majestic friends. One of the most common and annoying problems that the warm temperature invites is the invasion of flies. Just as the temperature rises, the trouble-making flies appear and play the most notorious role in a horse barn. Flies are at the back of everything nasty in a barn, from irritating the animals and their owners to posing health risks. 

Flies can promote many diseases and hygiene issues in metal horse barns, affecting day-to-day operations.  There are instances where a fly invasion has promoted severe bacterial infections like infectious anemia, resulting in painful sores in horses’ legs. Thus, it becomes essential to incorporate certain tips and tricks that will help keep the flies away from your horses and the barn. In this post, we have identified some ways that are found to be effective in maintaining a hygienic and fly-free barn environment. 

Keeping the moisture in control

It is a well-established fact that flies are attracted to wet areas as they provide the ideal breeding conditions. If there is unattended moisture accumulation in your horse barns, it will invite flies, making the barn interior unhealthy and risky for the horses. So, as a barn owner, you must check for leakages in the different water connections and repair them to prevent damp areas. Further, you must also check for areas where rainwater gathers, as those are prominent places for laying eggs. 

What you must do is use moisture-absorbing materials to soak up urine in horse stalls and clean the barn regularly for moisture accumulation. Strategize frequent cleaning to maintain a clean and hygienic environment to prevent the breeding of flies.

Managing the manure disposal

Manure is another favorite spot for flies to breed. It is essential to incorporate proper manual handling and disposal to prevent the growth and prominence of stable flies. You must look into regular cleaning of the stables, aisle, and turnout areas to keep the number of flies at a minimum. Dirty stalls or barns invite flies that bother the animals, making them ill in the long run. Besides, the presence of flies can also lead to many health issues in humans. This makes it extremely important to engage in regular cleaning and maintain a proper schedule for manual disposal.

Installing traps to capture

When, even after taking all the precautions, you are unable to control the growth and prominence of flies in horse barns kits, it is time to trap them to dispose. Although there are different types of traps available on the market, the simplest form includes a sticky surface that captures the flies. These glue-covered surfaces are one of the most popular solutions to trap flies. Some other solutions include laying baits for the flies to lure them or setting up traps with water inside to drown the flies. 

However, there are some safety concerns that you must adhere to while setting up traps for flies. Certain precautions you must take include setting up the glue traps away from the horses, as some curious horses may be attracted to them. Furthermore, you should set all types of traps away from the barn as, initially, more flies will gather around the traps, causing inconvenience to the horses and barn operations. 

Final Word

With summer just around the corner, it is the right time to start taking precautions and prepping to keep the flies away from your horses. Maintaining cleanliness in barns is effective in ensuring a healthy and safe environment for your horses, in addition to keeping the annoying flies away. 

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