Let your horses have access to run in sheds – Less stall cleaning needed

March 18th, 2024
Let your horses have access to run in sheds – Less stall cleaning needed

The run-in-shed stalls have three-sides and they are also known as loafing sheds. These sheds are very much preferred on pasture lands that offer an immediate break from other elements.  These run-in-stalls have a front-open design allowing animals to freely move in and out. These sheds showcase an open design that can be customized with the help of dividers that help to segregate the spaces of the individual horses. Run-in-shed stalls offer a safe place for the horses and other animals to offer shelter and rest. These sheds are an alternative to keeping your horses inside the stalls throughout the day.

Run-in-sheds offer protection from weather conditions. Run-in sheds have a roof and 3 surrounding walls that provide protection from all weather conditions every season. These sheds are effective in sheltering animals from heavy winds, rain, sun, and snow. These sheds can keep the horses protected from insects and keep their hooves on dry ground. With the shed’s front opening, your livestock has the option to come and go whenever they want. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to worry about locking and unlocking a barn door during turbulent weather conditions.  

We suggest that the open side of your run-in shed should face away from the direction where storms usually blow in. To make sure the ground inside the shed stays completely dry, place the shed in a location that can easily drain the water. You do not want to put a run-in shed in an area that collects water when it rains or snows.

Horses inside run-in-shed stalls can develop good social interaction and cultivate healthy habits. Their digestive and respiratory health is well taken care of. Horses eat small amounts of food throughout the day. A run-in-shed can be a suitable space for them to have access to clean and fresh water. This will take care of their digestive system, keeping away toxic and contaminated food.

Expand the lifespan of the equipment

A run-in-shed is a perfect shelter for the horses, but you can also store various horse equipment like feeders, water troughs that also take up space. Keeping the equipment inside increases their lifespan and reduces the equipment cost. Inside a run-in stall, the horses have a healthy life, they interact with each other and stay happy.

Final Words

A run-in-shed offers incredible value to your equestrian space and can offer maximum benefits. Consider the features and choose the one that meets your expectations and fit the budget. However, you can check out several other barn styles and designs from the Ulrich website. Ulrich is a reputed and experienced manufacturer who designs run-in shed stalls and horse stalls, among other barn models.

If you have planned a horse run in shed stall investment, consider Ulrich Horse Barns. The prefab run-in-shed stalls and horse stall kits are available in different sizes and are prefabricated precisely. We manufacture high-quality structures and ship nationwide.

A quality run in a shed can go a long way, helping in maintaining your livestock and having a happy horse. Get a quote for yours today!

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