The Incomparable Durability of Metal Horse Barns – A Secure Abode for the Horses

November 27th, 2023
The Incomparable Durability of Metal Horse Barns – A Secure Abode for the Horses

Do you or your horses love the sound of rain on metal roofs? It relieves you that the horses are safe no matter how much it pours. Steel-framed metal horse barns are the trend. Wooden barns are more expensive to manufacture and maintain than metal horse barns. The expansion of wooden barns is also a higher-cost factor than metal. Steel is an affordable and sustainable solution that is safe, pest-free, fire-resistant, and has other advantages. Prefab metal horse barns are customizable, depending on your specific requirements and budget.

Horse barns made of galvanized steel

These structures are extremely flexible. The harsh weather causes wooden structures to crack and warp, eventually leading to rotting and leaking. Galvanized steel is used to manufacture metal horse barns that allow it to withstand elements without destroying the structure’s integrity, allowing it to last a lifetime. Your horse’s comfort is the utmost priority to ensure they are healthy. Metal will not crack and protect your horses from extreme weather conditions or other disasters. A metal barn will allow you to create many open spaces with exposed roofs and indoor riding spaces. Having a metal horse barn means your barn can endure harsh wind and snow. A well-structured metal barn is a benefit as it is easy to maintain and clean.

Well-structured horse barns

Our horse barns use steel roof panels fastened securely to the roof’s framing. This aids in enduring the damage caused by gusting wind. Generally, the horse barns have a center aisle, and there are stalls down the sides. The straight aisle is apt for having a farrier, hay truck, or any other vehicle through the barn. Consider other barn layouts for small or mid-sized horse barns. Storing hay is an important factor among equestrians. Some like to store in separate containers, and smaller barns have a separate space for storing hay. Ensure the barn is well-ventilated, fireproof, and ready for hay storage. 

The importance of light, air, bathing, and grooming

The essential features while designing a horse barn interior:

  • Light – Use bigger windows and skylights for a well-lit and airy feel
  • Ventilation – Air circulation is most important. Try having a roof exhaust fan for adequate airflow. 
  • Utilities – Every stall should have lights, electricity, and plumbing facilities
  • Grooming – A separate space for bathing and grooming the horses must exist. 

Ulrich horse barns – value for money

The horses experience a sense of security and safety inside a barn. We manufacture barns with a full-bolt-together assembly that reduces labor time and costs. Ulrich horse barn kits use wooden core panels with metal on both sides and a lifetime warranty. The panels are easy to install without welding requirements, and our barns are shipped directly to your site. Ulrich Horse Barns offers a 5-year warranty, and our barns are value for money.

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