Run-in Shed Stalls or Horse Stalls: Choosing the Best for Your Majestic Friends

November 24th, 2023
Run-in Shed Stalls or Horse Stalls: Choosing the Best for Your Majestic Friends

Being a horse owner, choosing the right structure for your equines is essential. The right space will ensure the horses’ comfort, safety, and ease of mobility. Thus, you must invest in equine structures designed for convenience and the utmost weather protection. While there are different equestrian structures available in the industry, we will analyze two popular structures and weigh their relevance in this post. The run-in shed stalls, and horse stalls are conceptually different and differ structurally. However, both these structures are instrumental in providing efficient housing solutions for the horses. Let’s find out what fits your budget and requirements:

Benefits of horse stalls in an equestrian setup

The horse stall kits are secured private spaces for the horses and are instrumental in providing them with space and comfort. These spaces are designed for convenience and eliminate the chances of conflict between horses with different temperaments. Moreover, manufacturers like Ulrich introduce features like installing grill sections, Dutch doors, and feeder panels to offer a seamless experience. Here are some of the impressive features of horse stall kits:

Owners get the liberty to regulate feeding:

The barns designed with horse stalls offer the owners an upper hand when looking after and feeding the horses. Every horse is different and needs a personalized diet for a healthy body and the best performance. The horse stalls allow the owner to keep a strict eye on the proper diet and rest of the horses. 

Horses remain accessible:

A barn designed with horse stalls ensures that the owners have quick and easy access to the equines. Moreover, since the horses are housed in individual stalls, it becomes easier to take care of them when they are sick or healing. 

Benefits of run-in stalls in an equestrian setup

The run-in sheds are instrumental in offering unrestricted mobility to the horses. They allow the horses the freedom to move around and an ample amount of exercise. These structures are also instrumental in offering a close-to-nature environment with its one-side open structures. The three-sided closed compact structures are simple in design and require minimal maintenance. Here are the features of the structure:

Minimal maintenance and less work for owners:

By installing run-in stalls, horse owners can reduce the work as these structures are easy to clean and maintain. Since these open structures allow the horses to roam outdoors, the stalls remain cleaner, and the owners get respite from extensive cleaning procedures. 

An overwhelming experience for the horses:

Horses are social animals, curious to explore the world. The openness of the run-in stalls allows them more space to explore and exercise. The freedom of moving in and out at their own pace will make them happy and satisfied, reflected in their health and performance.  

Things to consider while making a choice

While both these structures are functional and come with unique sets of advantages, there are certain factors that you must consider while making a choice. Both run-in sheds and horse stall kits have their share of disadvantages, which are negligible. However, these features can play an essential role in helping you decide.

  • Horse stalls are completely enclosed structures that offer less activity time to the horses. The horses depend on the caretakers or owners for exercise or outdoor time. On the other hand, run-in sheds are known for their ease of mobility and offer a more active lifestyle for your horses.


  • The open design of the run-in sheds does not provide enough protection from weather challenges. They are ideal for an emergency respite when the horses are outside. However, the structure of the horse kits is well protected with roof overhangs and rain gutters.

Final Words

It is rather incredible how both these structures add value to your equestrian space and can offer maximum benefits when used smartly. Weigh the features and choose the one that meets your expectations and fits the budget. However, you can check out several other barn styles and designs from the Ulrich website. Ulrich is a reputed and experienced manufacturer who designs run-in shed stalls and horse stalls, among other barn models. 


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