Keeping Horses Healthy: Controlling Dust Inside Barns

September 5th, 2023
Keeping Horses Healthy: Controlling Dust Inside Barns

It’s barn-raising time! Maybe you’re even planning to refurbish your existing barn. When designing barns for horses, we’re not just focused on aesthetics – the comfort and well-being of the horses take center stage. After all, you’re creating a space for these four-legged members of the family. Keeping their health in mind, along with safety-conscious design, is paramount when setting up a barn. Horses are free spirited creatures, seeking refuge in common three-sided shelters even in harsh weather.


Takling Dust Inside the Barn – Ensuring Healthy Lungs

Dust inside barns for horses is a major concern. Inhaling dust can severely affect horses, causing respiratory inflammation and even serious issues like inflammatory airway disease, leading to poor performance. Dust is a significant health hazard. We design barns to minimize dust infiltration and offer suggestions to limit its presence and the formation of mold. Did you know storing hay in a an enclosed area or separate building can reduce dust inside? It also lowers the risk of fire hazards. If you’re working to reduce dust, consider misting your hay just before feeding your horses. Using a hay bag during feeding can also help prevent dust from entering their respiratory system. Misting stalls and dust prone exercise areas is also an effective way to reduce dust. Installing a water source and planning for soaking before each lunging session can be very impactful. An attached indoor area can provide additional lung protection and help keep the exercise area from drying out creating more dust for your horses.

Caring for Horses Inside the Barn – Consider Quarantine

Space limitations often make building separate structures difficult. Creating an infirmary or quarantine space for sick or injured horses is a smart option. This space can be equipped with all necessary veterinary facilities and supplies.

Ulrich: Crafting Future-Proof Horse Barns

Ulrich has been crafting barns for horses in the USA for over 50 years. We’re a trusted brand in equestrian home-building. Our barns are designed for the future, easily configurable with our bolt-together design. They’re customizable and simple to install. These barns, sheds, and stalls come at factory-direct pricing.

A Final Note

Building or renovating a barn is exciting. We’re here to help you create a dream barn that ensures your horses’ well-being. Modern barns for horses focus on safety and good health. These structures are not only functional but also worthy investments. Ulrich horse barns offer excellent value for money, fitting various budgets. We deliver to all 48 states with an on-time delivery guarantee, or we pay you $1000. Every Ulrich Metal Barn for horses comes with a 5-year warranty and a wall panel lifetime kick through guarantee. Contact us for a no-cost quotation and let’s make your dream barn a reality.


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