Creature Comfort for Your Horses Inside the Raised Center Aisle Barn Individualized with Custom Features

September 7th, 2023
Creature Comfort for Your Horses Inside the Raised Center Aisle Barn Individualized with Custom Features

Let’s dive into raised center aisle barn plans and Raised Center Aisle Barns. These barns are designed to make your horses feel right at home with custom features.

Raised Center Aisle Barns, also known as monitor barns, are a top choice for Ulrich Horse Barns worldwide. They offer numerous benefits for both horses and their owners. These barns have a raised ceiling over a long breezeway, ensuring excellent ventilation, a controlled climate, and even light distribution throughout the barn. All of this adds up to a higher level of comfort for your horses.

Let the horses breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunshine

Imagine your horses breathing in fresh air and basking in the sunlight. You can configure these barns with either a single or double breezeway, providing extra space for storing hay, equipment, along with wash groom stall and feed or tack areas. You could even use that protected space for other purposes. With Ulrich’s raised center aisle horse barns, you have quick and easy access to your horses, thanks to Dutch-style doors at the back of each stall. Plus, you can set up a fenced area nearby for your horses to safely enjoy fresh air and sunshine. These barns offer ample space for your horses, easy grooming, and tacking up.

Raised center aisle barns letting air flow and ventilation

Ulrich’s horse barns are not only attractive but also functional, providing a traditional look while protecting your horses from harsh weather. Ulrich’s Raised Center Aisle Barn Plans are engineered to meet local wind and snow load requirements, using a structural steel framework and cutting-edge technology. These raised center aisle barns offer superior ventilation and ample light, promoting horse health and serving as useful storage spaces. If you’re short on property space, this barn type can be a great solution.

Ulrich has over 50 years of experience manufacturing horse barns and kits with premium-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. They offer customization options and financing plans. Ulrich delivers to 48 states in the US, always ensuring timely delivery. As a successful family-owned business, they take pride in serving the equestrian community with carefully planned, modern amenities.

We shall customize a horse barn based on your requirements

If you’re looking to customize a horse barn to your specific needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ulrich’s team. They can answer all your horse barn-related questions and help you explore their diverse inventory. You can even book a consultation with their design consultants during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Take advantage of the opportunity to design your own barn and request a no-obligation quote.


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