Flexible and adaptable raised center aisle horse barns

December 11th, 2023
Flexible and adaptable raised center aisle horse barns

A raised center aisle barn is a popular design offering advantages for you and your horses. The design includes a raised ceiling right above the breezeway. This offers adequate ventilation, proper lighting, weather protection, and safety. Apart from being highly functional, the raised barn has architectural lines, making it suitable for horse centers and barns. These center aisle barns can be configured in a single or double-breezeway design. This provides additional space for the horses, their equipment, hay storage space, grooming stalls, etc. 

Our heavy-duty center-raised aisle barn

Ulrich’s Gable Breezeway Horse Barn is designed with a 12’3″ wide up to a 49-wide center aisle, or there can be no aisle. The stalls are compact, low-cost, and completely enclosed. The standard stalls have Dutch doors, a 4’x4 ′ grill section, and a feeder panel with walls between the stalls. You can choose between 7 types of sidings, and there are plenty of roofing options. The exterior posts, wall trim, and pipes have a shiny galvanized finish. The roof is made of durable, heavy-duty corrugated rib with a standard roof pitch and overhang.

All the buildings have end roof trims and rain gutters. The center aisle has a double 8-inch tall sliding door at every end for security. Our experts can customize the center aisle doors based on your requirements. Our engineers use structural steel frameworks and implement cutting-edge technology. Ulrich is one of the top-notch horse barn kit manufacturers in Texas. Ulrich’s Raised Center Aisle Barns are intended to meet the snow load requirements. 

Are you installing a center aisle horse barn quickly?

Introduce a raised horse shelter and feel contended that your horses are taking in the external air and relaxing in the sunshine. You could utilize the extra horse shelter space for different storage purposes. Ponies can partake in the glow of the sun and a great deal of natural air. Our raised horse shelters offer speedier access to the horses. Our center aisle barns are incredibly roomy, aiding in good movement and fine training of the horses. You will be thrilled to see your ponies cheerful inside an extensive, well-planned space.  

Low-interest financing

We offer low-interest financing plans, which remove any existing financial burden keeping you from owning a horse barn. We are renowned for serving the horse community by constructing utilitarian horse homes. They safeguard your ponies from harsh weather conditions. 

The very renowned Ulrich

Ulrich is a family-owned business that has been in the horse barn manufacturing business for 50 years. Our customized and easy-to-own horse barns are shipped factory-direct within the USA. Our barns are not just modern but protect your horses from turbulent climatic conditions.

Final words

Are you planning to build a new horse barn or renovate an already existing one? Ulrich manufactures customized based on raised center aisle barn plans. Please contact our customer care service team for assistance related to our projects. Book a discussion with our specialists during business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm. Request a no-obligation quote.

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