Exploring Equine Therapy: How Horses Heal Minds and Bodies

December 7th, 2023
Exploring Equine Therapy: How Horses Heal Minds and Bodies

Animals have always played an important role in filling the void in human lives and helping them overcome trauma or heal a physical challenge with their selfless approach. Cats and dogs are well known for making a constant presence and an irreplaceable place in most of our lives. But did you know that horses are no less? The last few years have seen a rise in equine-assisted therapies to help humans through their issues. So, if you believe that the horse resting in the gable horse barn can do nothing for the peace of your mind, then you are wrong, my dear friend. 

How is equine therapy effective?

Equine therapy is believed to help you find an introspective view of yourself and overcome a trauma efficiently. Spending a significant amount of time with a horse helps repair trust issues in individuals and helps them believe and trust others after a difficult betrayal. It is observed that by creating a bond with horses, individuals can witness an improvement in social skills, emotional awareness, confidence, communication, identifying emotions, etc. 

The different ways in which horses help humans:

Although it may be hard to believe that horses can help heal the mental and physical trauma of humans, it is evident that they have been of great help. It is observed that interaction with horses helps you deal with your emotional scars and find new perspectives on life. Of late, many therapists are roping in horses for physical and occupational therapy. 

Physical therapy is promising for clients with a motor disability like cerebral palsy. In physical therapy, the horse’s natural movements, such as its gait and rhythms, encourage improved motor skills, postural symmetry, building core strength, and much more. Similarly, occupational therapies are found to improve mental health and are particularly helpful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans. Learn about some other effective ways in which horses are helpful in healing humans:

Riding horses boosts physical health

Riding a horse in a gentle space can be relaxing and offer impressive health benefits to humans.  A horse riding experience is believed to boost cognitive abilities in humans and help to enhance the sense of control. Some other potential benefits of riding a horse are as follows:

  • Riding horses improves the balance and coordination skills of humans.
  • It can help control blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Riding a horse can also help in reducing stress and tension. 
  • It is also recommended for people with sensory disorders and multiple sclerosis. 

In addition to riding the horses, taking care of them can have the same effects as it requires physical effort. Isn’t it incredible how your leisure time riding a horse offers amazing results in your overall health and posture?

Provides mental and emotional support

Most equine-assisted therapies concentrate on helping you build a bond with the horse. A healthy bond with the horse is evident in improving interpersonal relationships. Non-verbal communication with a horse is a challenging task, and it plays a significant role in providing insight into your life and a better understanding of things. 

A horse ride in the lap of nature has some therapeutic benefits, like offering peace and tranquility, allowing exposure to fresh air, and the ability to reassess your decisions. Horses are social animals and tend to reflect on the affection and love you offer them. Thus, creating an affectionate bond with your horse is effective and can help improve your emotional quotient. 

Prioritize the comfort and convenience of your majestic friends

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