Ulrich Raised Center Aisle Barns: Superior Construction and Easy Assembly Takes Precedence

February 22nd, 2024
Ulrich Raised Center Aisle Barns: Superior Construction and Easy Assembly Takes Precedence

Have you been looking for a barn design that optimizes the available space efficiently? While various designs and barn models are built traditionally or as prefab structures, choosing one takes work. Every barn design has something or another to offer and is beneficial for an equestrian space. However, in this post, we will solely focus on the raised center aisle barn plans and why they are so popular among horse owners. 

Raised center barns, also known as monitor barns, are designed to utilize the available space to streamline daily operations. Their distinctive architectural design ensures that the horses are accommodated comfortably. Moreover, the strategic placement of the stalls offers easy mobility and better accessibility for the dwellers. 

Horse barn manufacturers also play a crucial role in ensuring quality and durable barns. Ulrich is a barn manufacturer with over 50 years of experience that delivers customizable prefab barns. However, the real catch about Ulrich’s raised center aisle barns is their superior construction and ease of installation. Let’s learn more about these aspects. 

Features that set apart Ulrich Barns:

Ulrich has been designing and manufacturing barns for decades, prioritizing the comfort and safety of horses. Ulrich Barns is known for its impressive build quality and use of quality materials. Here are the valuable features that set them apart from other manufacturers:

Expertise in craftsmanship:

Ulrich’s raised center barns are made in the USA, ensuring innovative designs and thoughtful utilization of available space. The barn is designed for proper ventilation to maintain a hygienic environment. The side walls are 8’8” tall with a 6” ventilation gap below the roof. Besides, Ulrich uses 26 GA galvanized steel wall panels and 14 GA materials for the trusses and the framework. Additionally, these raised center barns are equipped with 24” overhangs on all sides of the roof. This craftsmanship reflects the attention to detail and the understanding of the equine system while ensuring comfort and protection in various weather conditions. 

Easy Assembly:

Unlike traditional horse barns that take weeks to complete the construction, the prefab raised center barns from Ulrich are easy to install. These barns are factory-made and delivered directly on-site for easy installation. Ulrich has designed the barns for bolt-together installation, which makes the process time-effective and effortless. Moreover, these structures do not require shearing, forming, punching, or welding while assembling the panels on site. Besides, the bolt-together wall system allows easy interchange of the panels. This allows the detachment of a damaged panel for repair and replacement without affecting the complete structure. 

Factory-direct Prices:

Ulrich also ensures affordable prices for the raised center aisle barn plans because of the factory-direct marketing approach. Ulrich offers the best prices for horse barns while offering huge savings without compromising on the quality or efficiency of the structure. Being factory-made, Ulrich raised center barns also offer savings in terms of installation. These structures take little time and effort to install, saving on additional labor expenses. 

Wrapping Up

Raised center aisle barns are popular and functional barn structures that have survived the test of time. These prefab structures from Ulrich are extremely durable and flexible for future use. The bolt-together installation makes it easy and convenient to upgrade the barns with more stalls in the future to accommodate more horses. It is incredible how Ulrich has envisioned a different equestrian world with these prefab structures and is taking the world by storm with these functional designs. Ask for a free sample today!

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