Strategies to Enhance the Safety Features of Your 6-stall Horse Barn Plans

February 29th, 2024
Strategies to Enhance the Safety Features of Your 6-stall Horse Barn Plans

As horse owners, we constantly consider ways and ideas to initiate better safety measures for our equine partners. You will agree that building a barn is not enough to ensure that your horses are safe and secure. Thus, apart from investing in 6-stall horse barn plans, you need to incorporate certain strategies and features to ensure a safe space for your majestic friends. 

When we are concerned about the safety of our horses, the barn is the ideal place to begin our planning. After all, the barn aisle is the area with the utmost traffic and the busiest of all your farm space. Consult with the horse barn builders to optimize the barn space with safety features and ensure a secure space for your horses. Here are some basic changes you can make or adopt to ensure a safe barn space for your equine friends. 

Do not compromise on flooring and drainage:

We are used to having slick and slippery floors in the barns from the mud and water. However, to believe that this is what it is and do nothing to improve the situation is concerning. Your barn flooring is as important as your riding arena floor. You should do everything to improve its state. Slippery floors are vulnerable to accidents and potential hazards for your horses. The ideal way out is to incorporate flooring options like concrete floors or rubber mats to ensure that your horses and the handlers are safe and sound.

In addition to sleek and functional flooring, drainage is an essential feature. Improper drainage is a gateway to many issues, from health to hygiene. Regardless of the flooring you adapt to your barn interiors, you must seek multiple drainage options to ensure a dry and hygienic environment. 

Wider aisles make day-to-day operations seamless:

If you plan to build a barn or renovate an older one, consider incorporating a wider aisle. You will be surprised to know the amount of benefits that a wider aisle adds to a barn. Narrow aisles are quite common in older barn structures, restricting the immense possibilities of the space. With a wider aisle, you can ensure enhanced efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of the barn. The recommended width for an aisle is 12’ or above for free mobility and multifunctional uses. Besides, wider aisle spaces also eliminate the chances of accidental bumps, ensuring safety. 

Concentrate on minimizing and organizing:

Clutter-free spaces are the key to a functional and safe barn structure, ensuring free movement for your horses and eliminating the chances of accidents. So, as a barn owner, your primary concern should be maintaining an organized barn. Horse barn clutter can exist in many forms, such as equestrian tools, horse blankets, tacks, feed, etc. Thus, investing in storage solutions and planning a dedicated tack room, feed room, etc., can help to keep the barn organized and minimize clutter. 

Enhance visibility with lighting:

Visibility is a non-negotiable factor when barn safety is concerned, so you should strategize about building a well-lit horse barn. Discuss ways to enhance the lighting with your manufacturer through construction and artificial options in your 6-stall horse barn plans. It is advisable to use agriculturally rated LED lights for the barn’s way as they are safe for the horse’s sight. On the construction front, you could incorporate Dutch doors and grill sections to maximize daylight exposure; this will also reduce energy expenses. 

To design a well-lit barn, you can strategize your barn lighting with tall ceilings, chandeliers, and ample side lighting. However, do not compromise on sunlight exposure, as apart from improving space’s visibility, sunlight also plays a crucial role in ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment.

Final Thought

By embracing these strategies while designing your horse barn, you can ensure safety, better functionality, and efficiency. Incorporating wider aisles to focus on organizing and from investing in flooring and drainage to improved lighting can help your barns function safely and seamlessly. 

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