Some Strategic Questions to Ask Before Investing in 3 Stall Horse Barn Kits

January 16th, 2024
Some Strategic Questions to Ask Before Investing in 3 Stall Horse Barn Kits

Are you planning to buy a 3-stall horse barn and need clarification about what to look for? We understand that, as a horse owner, the safety and comfort of your horses are a priority. However, finding the right barn and the ideal manufacturer is not a cakewalk. It requires thorough research and analysis of your needs and expectations to find an effective solution for your equine friends. Through this blog, we will provide you with some essential questions that you must find answers to before finalizing a barn for your equine space. So, let’s get going.

Questions to ask yourself:

What kind of barn design I am looking for?

The first question that you must find answers to is the kind of barn design you are looking for. There are several barn styles, each offering a different accommodation solution. However, you must identify your requirements and decide whether you want a shed row horse barn or a raised center aisle barn for your equine friends. You need to consider the available space, the geographical and climatic conditions of the location, and the number of horses while deciding.

What are the preparations that I need to make?

As a barn owner, you need to decide on the placement of your shed row barns. In that case, you need to consider the existing power source, the wind direction, the light exposure, and the available water source to decide the exact placement. 

Questions to ask your manufacturer:

What is the manufacturing and assembly process?

To begin with, you need to trust a reliable and experienced manufacturer for your horse barn. Ulrich has over 50 years of experience in equestrian structures and has a wide range of options. Ulrich has a streamlined manufacturing and assembly process. The entire structure is factory-built and requires only a bolt-together installation. Once the structure is delivered, a foundation is set on your terrain, and the structures are put up one by one to get your barn ready in no time. 

What materials and framework do you use to build the barn structures?

Ulrich uses a G90 galvanized steel structural framework that is 12 to 14 gauge in thickness. Besides, we offer Galvalume interiors that come with a lifetime kick-through guarantee. We use wood core wall panels manufactured with 26 gauge metal on either side for enhanced durability and insulation. 

Do you offer installation?

Ulrich directly ships the 3 stall horse barn kits to the installation site with a manual with pictures documented to offer step-by-step assistance for the assembly. Our barn kits are completely panelized, making them easy to install with a bolt-together method. 

Why should I trust you with my equestrian structure?

Ulrich has been manufacturing and delivering equine barns for more than 50 years. We understand your needs and goals and prepare a 2D plan before beginning the manufacturing. Our barn structures have a lifetime kick-through guarantee and a 5-year manufacturer warranty. We value customer requirements and prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else.

Bottom Line

We are Ulrich Horse Barns, a leading barn manufacturer with expertise in equine structures. Check out our website for guidance and ideas if you plan to design a horse barn. Contact us today if you have any questions or need help with a 3-stall horse barn design or any other barn plans.

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