Let the horse relax inside a spacious shed how horse barn

February 12th, 2024
Let the horse relax inside a spacious shed how horse barn

A horse barn is a home where your horses can relax and live happily. The structure of your barn plays a bigger role in maintaining the well-being of the ponies. They require a clean and hygienic space for eating and resting. There should be proper ventilation, a good drainage and a proper horse barn setup. Shed row horse barns come in simple design and they are functional. The barn structure ensures that the horses have adequate space and the caretakers can reach them easily. The renowned manufactures infuse creativity in the shed row barn design by using premium quality materials and architectural skills.

Simple and hassle-free installation

A shed row horse barn looks very similar to an open barn. They feature a sturdy front wall, stall doors with locks and the manufacturers can customize the number of stalls based on requirements. Ulrich builds durable horse barns featuring a bolt-together design that represent strength, durability, and flexibility. Hire a local contractor for the installation. The installation process is straight-forward, there is no welding or any complex procedure needed.

Ulrich uses the G90 galvanized steel structural framework that has a 12–14-gauge thickness. Our Galvavolume interior offers a kick-through lifetime guarantee. Ulrich uses wooden core wall panels that are manufactured with 26-gauge metal on both sides for better durability and adequate insulation.

Where are you going to position the horse barn?

A 3-stall horse barn is a very usual one where you can keep a maximum of 3 horses. We suggest having a greater number of stalls so that there is enough space. There should be a provision for better drainage inside the barn so that there is no standing water or moisture issues leading to mold. Wind plays a big role in the air circulation which is important along with adequate ventilation. You might also need to expand the horse barn so make sure you are setting it up on a spacious area.

Are you looking for customized 3-stall horse barn kits?

Ulrich offers good-quality and customized horse shed row barns and kits with a 5-year warranty and made of galvanized steel. We are one of the most trusted steel horse barn manufacturers. The horse barns and sheds are ready to ship at factory-direct prices throughout the U.S. We design barns that are future-proof and built strongly using the bolt-together design for strength and flexibility. Consider your budget before getting a shed row barn. They are available in different styles and designs, customized to perfection.

Why choose Ulrich horse barns?

Ulrich has been manufacturing and delivering equine barns for more than 50 years. We understand your needs and goals and offer a plan before the initiation of manufacturing process. Our barn structures have a lifetime kick-through guarantee. We value client requirements and their customer satisfaction above everything else.


Do you want to have a 3-stall horse barn for the horses? Check out the website for guidance and ideas if you plan to design a horse barn. Contact us today if you have any questions or need help.

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