Develop a rhythmic connection with your horse inside a round pen

September 22nd, 2023
Develop a rhythmic connection with your horse inside a round pen

A pony that moves out upon your command will not invade your space uninvited. But are you implementing the correct techniques? Round penning can be a good idea, though. 

It is a misconception that round-penning a horse is about chasing the animal in circles until it finally joins up. When a horse is chased, it will not connect with its owner easily. Instead, a horse round pen teaches a horse to respond to its owner and be an obedient pet. Round pens help create a secure and controlled environment ideal for horse training conditions. Enclosed areas are mainly used to train them so that they learn good manners and get their behavior right. Round pens should not be used to work out your horses. 

Round pens are useful for horses of all ages, including rehab horses

A horse round pen is a fenced area that offers a controlled environment for teaching basics to the horses, including groundwork, leadership, stopping and backing up. It helps teach younger horses to saddle and ride within a safe zone. Round pens are extremely useful for rehab horses. For instance, a horse that has suffered a leg injury and is gradually healing will not turn in one direction. In this case, a round pen helps the horse regain strength. 


Learning correct round pen use is key

It is important to use your horse round pen correctly. Like any other horse training tool, this pen is normally misused due to a lack of experience in implementing correct pen techniques. If not used correctly, round pens can be a pain or punishment for the pony. Training horses through positive connections is easy if you know the process or hire an experienced trainer. Ulrich’s horse round pens help you and your horses establish an eternal bond of love and trust. 

Horse barns with a 5-year warranty and shipped manufacturer-direct

We are the most trusted steel horse barn manufacturing brand in the US. Ulrich’s bolt-together configurable designs offer ample flexibility and strength. We design customized, well-built barns of all styles and sizes. All our equine homes come with a 5-year limited warranty. Ulrich prefab horse barns, stalls, pens, and kits are shipped factory-direct to the United States. Our horse round pens are easy to install without complexity or welding. We have an installation manual that might help if you are a DIY enthusiast. We suggest hiring an experienced contractor to install the kits. 

Avail of a lifetime warranty and financing

Ulrich manufactures two round pens: the heavy-duty 6′ High 4’ Solid Panel Round Pens and the 8′ High Solid Panel Round Pens. Our round pen panels for sale have a lifetime kick-through warranty. Ulrich offers easy financing to those not ready to pay upfront for their product. 

Ulrich’s contribution to the horse barn industry

Ulrich is celebrating 50 years of commitment to the horse barn manufacturing industry. We offer round pen panels for sale at prices that fit your budget. Ulrich is expanding its manufacturing unit exponentially to serve its customers better. 

Design yours and get in touch

We allow you to design your own barn. We have an interactive customer service team available all 7 days a week. You can expect on-time delivery after you have placed the order.

Contact us for queries, and you can also book a free consultation. Please message us or call 877-854-2276 (the timings are 8 am to 4.30 pm). 




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