Raised Center Aisle RCA

Price starts with 2 stall configuration. The Raised Center Aisle Breezeway Horse Barn can be designed with a 12’3″ wide up to a 49′ wide center aisle. The lower to upper roof is offset 16″ to create the best air flow and keep the barn cool in the summertime. Standard stall fronts have dutch doors… Continue reading Raised Center Aisle RCA

Gable Horse Barn

Price starts with 2 back to back stall configuration. The Gable Breezeway Horse Barn can be designed with a 12’3″ wide up to a 49′ wide center aisle or with no center aisle. Without the center aisle, the stalls are back to back for our most compact, low-cost, fully enclosed horse sheltering. Standardized stall fronts… Continue reading Gable Horse Barn

Shed Row Horse Barn

Price starts with single stall w/8′ porch configuration. The Shed Row Barn comes standard with 12’3″x12’3″ stalls and an 8′ 10′ or 12′ Porch across the front. Optional stalls are available at up to 24’6″x24’6″ in size. Each stall has dutch doors and one 4’x4′ grill section and a feeder panel with standard solid walls… Continue reading Shed Row Horse Barn

Malibu Barn

Price starts for single stall configuration. The Malibu Horse Barn is our most economical building. With a simple yet attractive design that fits well into any budget. The Malibu Barn can be built with full height solid wall panels or with only the lower 4′ solid. A 48″ half yoke door is included in the… Continue reading Malibu Barn

Stall Kits

Price starts with single stall configuration. Do you have an existing building that you want to add stalls on the interior? Do you need a 4 walls or only the stall front and divider walls? We can design the complete stall system for you using with our bolt together panels for easy installation and future… Continue reading Stall Kits

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